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TEBO PP-R pipe SDR6 (PN20) 75

art. 030010208
688.48 rub
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Maximum operating temperature: 75°C

Service life, years: 50

Packaging: 4

Box: 8

Weight: 2.38

Warranty, years: 7

Material: PPR 100 type 3

Application: Water supply, heating

A country: Russia

Normative document: GOST 32415-2013

Color: white

Brand: TEBO (TEBO)

Direction: Engineering plumbing

External diameter, mm: 75

Connection type: welding

Max system pressure, bar: 8

Thread type: absent

Product type: pipe

Max operating temperature, C°: 75

Length, m: 4


TEBO pipe PN20 SDR6 75. Available in two colors - white and gray. The wall thickness is 12.5 mm. Ideal for cold and hot water supply systems. Is a complete analog of such tubes as Ekoplastik, the Kalda, Firat, Pils.