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GSM module for remote control of the boiler " Telemetrica"

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Maximum operating temperature: -20 to +55

Packaging: 1

Box: 1

Weight: 0.55


the Device is designed for remote control of heating boiler parameters. Management is carried out via the Internet via a mobile app. The app is available for Android and iOS operating systems. It is also possible to control via SMS commands. A SIM card with a special rate is included in the delivery package.

< p>GSM Module & nbsp;T-1 & laquo; Telemetry» & nbsp;is suitable for controlling almost all heating boilers currently on the market (electric, gas, diesel), if the equipment has an output for connecting a room thermostat.

In addition to the SIM card, the package includes the device itself, an antenna, two digital temperature sensors (length 5m), a power adapter, and a user manual.

In addition to the device, you can connect up to 5 temperature sensors, security sensors (infrared motion sensor, magneto-contact door/window sensor, smoke sensor, gas sensor, water leak sensor), reinforced antenna.

Using the < strong>GSM heat Informator < /strong>allows you to save up to 30% of energy resources.

< p>the measured temperature Range is from -55 ° C to +125 °C.. Low measurement error & ndash; no more than 0.5 & deg;C.< / p>

Full technical specifications < strong>GSM Module:


< p>GSM Thermometer & nbsp; telemetry & raquo;

< p>mailing list Numbers


< p>Security sensors

up to 2 wire loops

< p>Built-in relays


< p>relay Power


< p>temperature Sensors(maximum number)

< p>up to 5 digital wired

< p>measured temperature Range

-55 to +125 ◦S

< p>200V Control

< p>Yes

The set of sensors

2 wired digital sensors

< p>battery/additional battery< / p> < p>Built-in Li-ion

< p>Built-in battery

< p>YES

< p>SMS Language


Device operating temperature< / p>

-20 to +55

< p>Mobile app

< p>iOS and Android

Possibility of self-installation without special skills< / p>

< p>Yes

no special skills are required to operate the device. 

To install the app on your smartphone please go to the app store using the appropriate links: