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Submersible pump

Water supply to the house is carried out in different ways. One way is a well. For most wells, a submersible (downhole, deep) pump is used. These pumps are considered to be centrifugal pumps, since water is lifted from the well to the house due to the centrifugal force provided by the working shaft with blades. These pumps are universal, have a low cost, are strong enough and have high wear resistance. Ensure the duration of uninterrupted operation. A powerful engine and a strong all-metal body with impellers made of heat-resistant plastic, allow you to work at great depths.

On a steel cable, the submersible pump is lowered into the well and connected to the water supply system with a special flexible hose. For the convenience of mining and de-mounting, it is the flexible hose that is being tried on. There are many models of pumps that have different technical characteristics. One of the important characteristics to consider when choosing a pump is its performance, the volume of water being pumped per unit of time.


Before choosing a pump, it is worth remembering that water flows through pipes under a certain pressure and in the required amount for use. The pump can provide water supply not only in the house, but also be used for irrigation of the house plot. It should be borne in mind that the pump must provide a certain pressure at all water supply sites. For optimal operation of the water supply, usually use a pressure of about 2 Bar, and when using hydro-massage devices, such as a shower or Jacuzzi, you will need a pressure of 4 Bar. One Bar is approximately equal to 1 atmosphere. You can distinguish three principles when choosing a pump:

  1. Daily water consumption (the best time to navigate is the busiest summer period)
  2. Required pressure for the well
  3. Well depth

When choosing a high-quality deep-water pump, it is worth noting several defining parameters:

  1. The body must be made of resistant stainless steel
  2. Working multi-body should have the impeller in stainless steel or heat-resistant plastic
  3. To prevent the backflow of already pumped liquid, there must be a check valve
  4. There must be a system for emergency shutdown when the water level falls below the pump
  5. To reduce the starting current, the system for smooth descent
  6. Protection of the electric motor from water and solid objects, according to the international classification system at least 1P68
  7. Built-in multi-level system against a number of impacts:
    • voltage drop
    • overloads
    • pulse overvoltage (4000V)
    • dry running

To determine the required height of the pump lift, you need to add 30 m to the depth of the well and increase the amount by another 10%. To determine the pump performance, it is necessary to start from the water consumption per person, which is approximately 150-200 liters / day, and taking into account the irrigation of crops and trees, the water consumption increases by 20-30 liters/day. Depending on the type of pump, related products are selected, such as pipe, cable and cable. A stainless steel cable is used for hanging the submersible pump and if necessary for emergency recess. Load 100kg rope diameter shall be not less than 2mm and under load 650кг will need cable of at least 5 mm, taking into account the reduction of weight in water-filled borehole. Water supply to the house is carried out using a plastic pressure pipe with a diameter of 25, 40 and 50 mm. By means of a heat-shrinkable waterproof coupling connected to the pump motor with a special water-resistant cable, the pump is connected to the electrical network. The cable and pipeline to the building is carried through a trench.