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"Santehmastergel, REKORD, Sprint-quality accessories for mounting threaded connections»

"Santehmastergel, REKORD, Sprint-quality accessories for mounting threaded connections»

We offer to supply high-quality sealing materials.

Anaerobic sealants Santehmastergel

This type of seal is successfully used for fixing or locking threaded connections of metal construction elements. The sealant has a gel consistency that ensures uniform application to the surface, even in hard-to-reach places. For the convenience of users, each tube has a color code (green, blue, red) to indicate the fixing force.

The use of green and blue gel allows repeated disassembly and installation without special power loads. The red color of the seal ensures a tight connection of the threaded connections until bonding. This color is usually used by professionals. It should be noted that the gel is only used when connecting metal parts.

The versatility of the anaerobic gel lies in the possibility of its use not only for its intended purpose, but also in everyday conditions. Glue a flashlight, printer, seal the thread of a pump hose, even seal the thread of a Bicycle. The main advantages of using the following:

* Easy application to the surface

* Resistance to water shocks and temperature changes.

• Thread protection against corrosion.

* No toxic elements in the composition.

* Versatility and affordable price.

More than 60% of the Russian construction market prefer this product. Thus successfully competing with opponents from Europe and China.

Sanitary sealing thread Sprint with mixed coils

Sprint plumbing thread is considered to be a reliable and long-lasting means of sealing pipelines. The product is a filamentous polymer fiber impregnated with a special (sealing) composition. Currently, it is considered a simple, reliable winding for pipe connections. It is also a complete alternative to the classic options for winding flax and FUM tape.

The main difference from the traditional types of tow flax and FUM tape, plumbing thread is easy to use. As well as the ability to use in any hard-to-reach places. It will be able to use even a beginner with no experience. In the process of quickly eliminating leaks, there is no need to withstand precious minutes of solidification.

The process of dismantling, winding the thread and re-Assembly will take no more than 2 minutes. That is, the result of eliminating the leak is instantaneous, since there is no need to properly lay the tape or prepare the flax for winding. The thread is not sensitive to deformation, expansion, or constriction.

Common areas of use:

• Hot and cold water supply.

* Heating and gas supply systems.

* Drinking water supply.

The operating temperature range is from -60 to + 120 C.

Sanitary thread does not contain toxic elements and is well suited for use in domestic conditions. For example, you can successfully repair a selfie stick, use it instead of a gasket on the connections of water tanks, Use it when assembling a home distiller, or even repair musical instruments.

The main advantage of the offered product is the coil change system. Initially, the thread in the box is sold with one replaceable coil. But the affordable price and constant availability in the company's assortment allow you to easily buy an additional package of 3 coils of 50 meters long.

Universal sealing thread Record

The "Record" winding has proven to be a reliable tool when working in harsh environmental conditions and sufficient mechanical loads on the connections. The main difference is the resistance to high humidity, low temperature, and extreme heat. Perfectly fulfills the function of sealing in aggressive environments.

Main applications:

* Water connections.

• Gas pipelines, chemical production.

* Heating systems based on any liquid.

* Minor household repairs.

Rapid elimination of leaks is made by winding the sealing thread in the place of leakage and twisting the threaded connections of hardware. Wait for solidification, there is no need to screw the thread correctly.

A classic of the genre is the sealing of threaded connections of metal pipes using flax. It should be noted that sanitary linen is the cheapest option that does not require special investment. But experienced craftsmen know that the use of flax requires preliminary preparation.

In frequent cases, additional lubricants are required. For a quality seal is well suited plumbing paste for thread sealing Aquaflex. The new product of 2019 is a polymer impregnation in the form of a paste. Its use ensures the durability of the linen thread, high-quality sealing and increases the service life of the connections by 5 times.

Products are shipped as a multiple of the factory investment. Please check with our managers for prices and availability.