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2018-01-30 / Articles

Installation of Underfloor heating

The heating system of the "warm floor" variety is a highly effective method of heating residential premises, which has many advantages in comparison with the usual radiators. 

2018-01-12 / Articles

Installation of heating equipment and installation of Underfloor heating

Most residential buildings today use water radiator heating. Installation of the heating system is divided into several steps. First, all the rooms are examined and the thermal insulation qualities of the enclosing structures are analyzed, then the total heat capacity required for complete heating of the house is determined.

2017-12-19 / Articles

Metal-plastic pipeline

Experts give a high rating to pipelines made of metal-plastic pipes. They are widely used in the device of internal heating and Sewerage systems, all types of water supply in residential buildings. 

2017-12-16 / Articles

Pit, caisson, or adapter

Before you start drilling a well, you need to think carefully about further development. It is worth paying attention to the fact that in winter the ground can freeze up to 1.5 meters deep and disable the entire water supply system. Accordingly, it is necessary to provide the entire water supply system, including the well, with active heating in winter, or to place the well below the ground freezing level.

2017-12-15 / Articles

Copper pipeline

Copper pipelines have been used for a long time, but continue to compete with systems made of other materials (plastic, metal-plastic).

2017-12-05 / Articles

Types of pipes and ways to connect them

For installation of internal water supply and heating systems, pipes made of steel, copper, metal or plastic are used. Today, steel pipelines are considered obsolete. More often choose copper, metal-plastic or polypropylene pipes. You can install the structure on your own, without involving experienced installers.

2017-09-23 / Articles

Heating device

Heating devices are a key element of any heating system, which is assigned the task of heating premises.

2017-09-15 / Articles

Gas, electric and solid fuel boilers

The efficiency of heating systems depends primarily on the correct choice of the boiler and its capacity (performance, expressed in the amount of heated water). 

2017-09-08 / Articles

Heating system

Boilers, heat exchangers, pipelines, radiators, panels and shut – off valves-all these elements belong to the building's heating system, which allow you to heat the room.

2017-09-01 / Articles

Internal wiring of the water

To supply water from an outdoor water supply system, a whole system of pipes, appliances, fittings, and installations is required. In an apartment or a private house, water supply is laid in a hidden or open way, with possible options for sequential or collector wiring.

2017-08-16 / Articles

Water treatment and filtration

In the modern world, the problem of clean water is becoming more and more urgent. Global environmental pollution leads to a deterioration in the quality of drinking water. Water entering the Central water supply system has an increased hardness, often it contains foreign tastes and odors. It is also likely that such water contains toxins and preservatives, which in turn are dangerous to human health.
The main sources of poor-quality drinking water can be low-efficiency treatment plants or poor water supply.

2017-06-16 / Articles

Submersible pump

Water supply to the house is carried out in different ways. One way is a well. For most wells, a submersible (downhole, deep) pump is used. 

2017-03-17 / Articles

Supply system

Water is the basis of life on earth: it is used by humans for drinking, cooking, and other household needs. Any water supply system must provide consumers with the necessary volumes of water of a certain quality, as well as have sufficient reliability.

2017-02-10 / Articles

DP200 – proportional dosing of polyphosphate AQUADOSE

What do I need to know about sodium polyphosphate?

Sodium polyphosphate is one of the most widely known and simplest groups of compounds, known as polyphosphates, obtained by condensation of H3PO4 phosphoric acid molecules.

2017-02-09 / Articles

ITAP-leader in the field of sanitary fittings

The production facilities of the ITAP plant are located in Brescia, Northern Italy.       

Products have been manufactured since 1973.

today ITAP is:

  • Engineering center, patents and new developments< / span>< / li>