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2020-03-31 / News


    Dear customers of TD, OOO Stroyservis" is a novelty:system of fire-fighting pipes and fittings made of polypropylene of the BLOCK FIRE trademark» (production Russia, Togliatti).


2020-03-09 / News

"Santehmastergel, REKORD, Sprint-quality accessories for mounting threaded connections»

We offer to supply high-quality sealing materials.

Anaerobic sealants Santehmastergel

This type of seal is successfully used for fixing or locking threaded connections of metal construction elements.

2020-03-02 / News

Czech polypropylene FV-PLAST

Dear Clients and Partners! You can order polypropylene pipes and fittings of the FV-PLAST trademark from us.

The range of FV-PLAST company includes the following products:

* Classic polypropylene pipes


2020-02-26 / News

RBM! Expanding the range of shut-off and control valves!

Since February 2020, we have expanded our offer for shut-off and control valves. Engineering plumbing of the Italian brand RBM is available for order. Already in stock: - automatic air vents VASA

2019-09-30 / News

Receipt of the proportional dispenser Polyphosphate SVK Dose to the warehouse

Polyphosphate SVK Dose dispensers are an effective way to combat scale and corrosion, protecting the secondary heat exchanger of a wall-mounted gas boiler, indirect heating boiler, washing machine and

2019-09-23 / News

Thermal insulation For energoflex pipelines

The range of supplied Energoflex Super products has expanded.

Warehouse thicknesses of 6 mm, 9 mm, 13 mm. Perhaps a piece shipped. Under the order it is possible to supply insulation with a thickness

2019-09-17 / News

"Attention! Our warehouse is moving»

 Dear partners, we inform You that our warehouse at the address: Moscow region, Pushkin district, p. Lesnye Polyany, residential complex "Polyanka" stops its work on 26.09.2019.

From 23 to 25

2019-09-16 / News

Bimetallic radiators RIFAR

In stock bimetallic radiators RIFAR Base 500 (197 W), RIFAR Base 350 (139 W), RIFAR Base 200 (100 W) The model is available in twists from 4 to 14 sections.

Designed for installation in Central heating

2019-09-09 / News

Inventory of radiator sets of SVK has been replenished

The warehouse stocks of radiator sets of SVK - high-quality full-weight products have been replenished.

In the range: sets of ½ and ¾ without brackets, with two and three brackets, right and left

2019-09-02 / News

Sewage system made of polypropylene for interior and exterior systems

We offer internal sewer FLEXTRON made of polypropylene 50 and 110 diameter: two types of pipes wall 2.7 mm and 2.2 mm, fitting.

FLEXTRON outdoor sewer made of polypropylene 110 and 160 diameter: pipes

2019-08-26 / News

ITap shut-off and control valves

Products of the European market leader in shut-off and control valves ITAP Italy.

A wide range of products: ball valves for gas, ball valves for heating and water supply systems of the VIENNA and IDEAL

2019-08-19 / News

Inventory of compression fittings SVK for HDPE pipes has been replenished

A wide range from 20 to 110 mm. couplings, ball valves and seats.

The nut color is blue-PN16.

Products are certified: ROSS CN. HA34. HO6847 Convenient installation of SVK fittings, do not require

2019-08-12 / News

The flue 60/100 is the USE of a universal kit for wall-mounted gas boiler

The kit is delivered in an individual dense box with a color passport and certificate.


Pipe 60/100*90 mm;

starting knee 60/100;

clamp with o-ring;


connecting flange;

60/75 junction and

2019-08-05 / News

Sanitary clamps SVK

Due to the launch of new equipment, the volume of production of SVK sanitary clamps has increased.

We invite wholesale companies to cooperate.

The range of products supplied: clamps, galvanized with a

2019-07-30 / News

The solution is time-tested: pipes and fittings Altstream

The solution is time-tested: pipes and fittings Altstream.

Metal-plastic pipes Pex-Al-Pex Altstream format TH, pipes 16*2.0 20*2,0 26*3,0

Nickel-plated compression fittings Altstream 16-32


2019-07-30 / News

SLT Aqua polypropylene pipes

A new player, SLT Aqua, entered the competition for the polypropylene pipeline market, which by experts ' standards occupies more than 80% of the entire Russian pipeline market, with the support of

2019-04-01 / News

Steel panel radiators NED

For completing objects with a closed heating system and individual heat points, ned steel panel radiators are perfect. The ned heater can be used in single - and double-tube heating systems. The range

2019-02-06 / News

Sale of SVK fittings for irrigation systems

Sale of SVK fittings for irrigation hoses.

When ordering from 50 thousand rubles, an additional discount is

2019-02-03 / News

Sanitary clamps SVK

Fastening products of the Russian manufacture under the trademark ICS are a reliable accessory to pipeline systems.

At the moment, we produce clamps with a welded nut and clamps equipped with a plastic

2019-01-31 / News

Sale-Collectors assembled with regulating fans.

There is a sale at the prices of 2018 of the warehouse remains of brass collectors assembled with regulating fans.

Material Nickel plated brass CW617N

The product allows you to regulate the flow of the

2019-01-28 / News

Materials for hidden pipeline laying

We offer you the following products for completing objects on the device of water Underfloor heating, radiator heating with a hidden gasket, outdoor heating of greenhouses, paths and other

2019-01-25 / News

Polypropylene pipes and fittings Pro Aqua

Polypropylene pipes and fittings under the Pro Aqua trademark are the product of one of the oldest domestic productions.

They have a high degree of trust among construction and installation companies

2019-01-22 / News

Save wisely – ITELMA!

Reliable water flow meters manufactured under a Siemens license Warranty period of 6 years service life of at least 12 years.

The interval for checking cold and hot water meters is 6 years.

They can

2018-12-05 / News

Polyphosphate SVK Dose

New in the range.

Proportional dispenser Polyphosphate SVK Dose Device for water softening, prevents plaque deposition and corrosion.

Protection of heating elements: heat exchanger of a wall-mounted gas

2018-12-05 / News

Changing the VAT rate

Dear partners! 

Due to VAT changes since 1.01.2019, we inform you that all invoices issued in December are valid for shipment until 26.12.2018 inclusive. 

We also inform you that from 27.12.2018 our

2018-10-29 / News

SVK accessories for installation of sectional radiators

Universal sets of SVK ½ and ¾ without brackets, with two and three brackets.

Full-size and full-weight products that have proven themselves in many regions of the Russian Federation.

Mayevsky plugs

2018-08-24 / News

ITap shut-off valves and thermostatics

ITap is a high-quality Italian equipment for completing heating and water supply systems. WITH the help of the iTap product line, it is possible to quickly and permanently solve the problems of

2018-07-17 / News

SVK compression fittings and polyethylene pipes

FITSA compression fittings are manufactured in Turkey and have been manufactured since 2008.

FITSA plant is a major manufacturer of equipment-injection molds for thermoplastics, which allows you to

2018-07-16 / News

MVI is a new player in the market of shut-off and control valves.

MVI is a brand of a Chinese manufacturer of premium class shut-off and control valves.

The high level of professionalism of the team of MVI plant engineers, who improve their product and control the

2018-06-01 / News

Sewer made OF flextron polypropylene

The company's warehouse received a budget sewer made of polypropylene under the brand FLEXTRON. The new production was launched in Russia in 2017, producing pipes for internal Sewerage 110 diameter

2018-05-31 / News

Prok chimneys manufactured in Russia

Available and available to order: universal coax Kit 60/100, for wall-mounted gas boilers.

For boilers of the following brands: BAXI, Master Gas, De Dietrich, Oasis, Thermona, Viessmann, Ariston,

2018-05-31 / News

Promotion for AMG Cartridges for polyphosphate dispensers!

The action is performed by the AMG Cartridges for dosing polyphosphate (attachment 6 PCs packing). An original Italian reagent, the use of which prevents scaling and corrosion of heating elements:

2018-04-29 / News

SVK compression fittings and polyethylene pipes

Preparations for the new irrigation and water supply season are in full swing. The LLC TD Stroyservice company replenished warehouse stocks of compression polypropylene fittings with a blue nut PN 16

2018-04-23 / News

External sewer systems

For completing low-rise construction projects and private households, wastewater, storm water and ground water disposal, we offer PVC pipeline systems from the Hemkor plant.
The products are

2018-04-18 / News

New products in the range of polypropylene pipes and fittings TEBO

The domestic plant TEBO technics from 23.03.2018 started mass production of polypropylene pipes reinforced with glass fiber SDR 7.4 and SDR 6 125 and 160 diameter. These products will help solve the

2018-03-20 / News

Price increase for sectional radiators RIFAR c 01.04.2018 growth of 5%

Dear partners, due to the increase in prices for raw materials, the RIFAR plant has announced an increase in selling prices from 01.04.2018 by 5%. We are waiting For your orders, the stock of

2017-11-27 / News

Kozlov Compensator

Расширена складская программа, для заказа доступен:

Линейный компенсатор для полипропиленовых

2017-11-21 / News

Changed price

TD Stroyservice informs You about changes in pricing policy for the following brands:

Polypropylene pipes and fittings Pro Aqua (Pro Aqua)

Buderus steel panel radiators

Aluminum and bimetallic sectional

2017-11-14 / News

Zilmet expansion tanks, available to order in TD Stroyservice.

Italian company ru/catalog/rasshiritelnye-baki-zilmet " >Zilmet> - the leader of the European market, more than 50 years of experience in the production of tanks for heating, water supply and

2017-10-17 / News

Autumn update of the range of LLC TD Stroyservice-Universal GSM Thermometer: model T-1 "Telemetrica".

Allows you to monitor and make adjustments to the operation of heating equipment in real time at the discretion of the user. A mobile app for iOS and Android platforms has been developed to control

2017-10-11 / News

SVK thermal insulation for water floor heating

The range of insulation materials of TD Stroyservice company has expanded: rolled insulation has been delivered to the warehouse . The material is intended for the organization of water Underfloor

2017-09-27 / News

Radiators, Radena

Aluminum and bimetallic sectional radiators Radena, appeared on the Russian market in 2008, have proven themselves as reliable and high-quality heating devices. Initially, deliveries were made from

2017-09-12 / News

AMG polyphosphate dispensers

AMG polyphosphate dispensers

AMG dispensers have been produced in Italy since 1970, the leaders of the European market. Scope of application, protection of heating elements from scale and corrosion.

2017-09-04 / News

Valves and threaded fittings, under the brand name ICS.

Budget line of brass Nickel-plated taps and threaded fittings SVK.

The equipment is intended for the organization of domestic water supply and heating systems.

The wide range includes:

  • - Nickel-plated

2017-08-25 / News



LLC TD Stroyservice expands the range of equipment for water treatment

Filters for mechanical water purification from sand, ash, slag, silt from a German company ru/catalog/honeywell "

2017-08-20 / News

Buderus steel panel radiators

For completing closed-type heating systems, we recommend Buderus steel panel radiators, manufactured in the Russian Federation. The products are manufactured on European equipment under the control of

2017-08-14 / News

The preparation for the heating season together with "TD "Stroyservis".


Accessories for connecting aluminum and bimetallic sectional radiators.

SVK connection kits ½ and ¾ in the configuration:

- without mounting brackets,

- with two brackets and plastic dowels

- with

2017-07-31 / News

Expanding the UniPak range


Unipak mounting accessories

European quality, from the Danish company Unipak, protects the tightness of threaded connections



Kits to assist specialists for the installation of water heating

2017-07-24 / News

PE pipes and fittings SVK

Новое поступление продукции под торговой маркой СВК - фитинги компрессионные PN16, цвет гайки голубой.

2017-07-17 / News

Water floor heating is comfort, warmth and comfort.

In private housing construction, water Underfloor heating systems integrated into the radiator heating system are gaining popularity every year. This solution allows you to remove the floor and wall

2017-07-10 / News

Radiator for all times RIFAR

Reliable heating devices specially designed for use in the Central heating system. Presented in two series:


Bimetallic radiators RIFAR Base, height 500, 350 and 200 mm. from 4 to 14 sections


2017-07-03 / News

Action on polypropylene pipes of the Fora trademark from LLC TD Stroyservice!


При покупке полипропиленовых труб FORA от 1 000м действуют специальные цены на трубу и фитинги со стальным

2017-06-26 / News

Meter counters at special prices!

"TD "Strojservis" offers You the meter counters at special prices!

METER water Meter SVU-15 universal without connecting kit-360p

METER water Meter SVU-15 universal with connection kit-440p.

Counters are

2017-06-19 / News

The action on the Heat WESER from the company Stroyservis TD!

Devices for accounting of heat consumption in residential and commercial premises.



WESER apartment heat meters


The WESER Heat Meter provides measurement and display information:

  • amount of heat

2017-06-13 / News

Turkish quality at a reasonable price. Polypropylene ball and radiator valves, split combination fittings

Dear partners! In order to maintain a competitive price level and a high level of quality, TD Stroyservice started supplying products from Turkey. These products are perfect for completing

2017-06-05 / News

SUPERFLAME and MIZUDO gas equipment

   LLC Tula plant of gas equipment is the main certified Russian supplier of flow gas domestic water heaters of the SUPERFLAME brand registered in 2003. in Spain. The entire range of this brand of

2017-05-29 / News

ITELMA counters are the leader of the Russian market of measuring equipment, manufactured using German Siemens technologies.


  • ~ high reliability
  • ~ ability to set the counter in any position
  • ~ resistance to high pressure in the system is twice as high as that of other meters
  • ~ high temperature resistance
  • ~no mandatory

2017-05-21 / News

Pipes and fittings for sewer systems Polytron


  • The benchmark of quality and full compliance with GOST 32414-2013

  • high resistance to abrasion, alkaline and acid solutions.

  • 10-year warranty, 50-year service life

  • maximum operating temperature

2017-05-15 / News

Set of welding equipment CANDAN CM-06

Time-tested CANDAN equipment for professional work with polypropylene pipelines: welding machines for large diameters, cutters, welding nozzles and crimping test pumps are available in the company's

2017-03-31 / News

PE Pipes and compression fittings

Polyethylene pipes are used for laying external pipelines for drinking and agricultural purposes, transporting water from open reservoirs, connecting pumping equipment in wells and wells. We offer

2017-03-17 / News

Brand Valteс


The VALTEUS trademark appeared on the Russian market in 2003. Today, several factories in Italy, Russia, Turkey and China are engaged in the production of this brand. All VALTE products meet modern

2017-02-28 / News

A new catalog of printed products Plast ICS!

Company "TD "Stroyservis» for the convenience Of your work with a wide range of products supplied by us, we have released an updated catalog.

The new catalog is made in a convenient "pocket" format.

2017-02-17 / News

Attention energoflex is getting more expensive!

Dear partners!

Starting from February 20, 2017, the retail price for insulation materials will changeEnergoflex .

10% increase in prices for:

  • ~ Energoflex Super Tubes ;
  • ~ Energoflex Super Protect Tubes;
  • ~

2017-02-08 / News

Pro Aqua pipes and fittings guarantee increased, cost reduced!

The largest Russian plant for the production of polypropylene pipes and fittings for water supply, heating and Sewerage systems"Pro Aqua", increased its product warranty obligations.

From January 1,

2017-02-07 / News

Price reduction for polypropylene pipes and fittings TEBO and FORA


Due to the decrease in the price of polypropylene raw materials, our partner, the TEBO plant, revised the selling prices for its products. High-quality pipes and fittings from the TD Stroy Service

2017-01-25 / News

We offer you fasteners under the SVK brand

Pipe clamps:

  • manufacture of Russia.
  • High quality, comply with GOST 24140-80
  • Full compliance with the declared diameter.
  • The sealing rubber of EPDM.
  • Anti-corrosion zinc coating of at least 70

2017-01-18 / News

New arrival of Italian iTap fittings

The company TD Stroyservice specializes in complex deliveries of engineering sanitary equipment. One of the main brands of the company is the products of the Italian factory ITAP - the world leader in

2017-01-11 / News

Measuring equipment in the company TD Stroyservice

In the updated assortment of the company TD Stroyservice appeared metering devices for water and heat:

ITELMA water meters (Siemens)

Features and benefits:

This is the standard of reliability for

2016-12-31 / News

Happy New Year and merry Christmas!

Dear partners, colleagues, friends!

The staff of Stroyservice Trading House wishes You a happy New Year and Christmas!

We wish you interesting projects, successful deals and growing profits in the New

2016-12-27 / News

Extending inventory




2016-12-23 / News

Descaling protection. How do I save money, effort, and time?

In Central Russia, the problem of hard water is often encountered, which leads to breakdowns of expensive equipment: wall-mounted gas boilers, boilers, gas columns, dishwashers and washing machines.

2016-12-20 / News

Adding to the assortment

Aluminum and bimetallic radiators ROYAL THERMO®!

Dear partners, LLC TD Stroyservice informs about expansion of the range of heating equipment, and presents radiators ROYAL THERMO®:

  • Aluminum radiators

2016-12-15 / News

AQualink brass ball valves

Dear partners, LLC TD Stroyservice informs about expansion of the range of shut-off valves, and presents ball valves of the AQualink ®trademark. The products have passed voluntary certification

2016-12-09 / News

Now in a new branded packaging

New arrival of components for branded radiators.

On sale there are mounting kits for aluminum, bimetallic, cast-iron radiators. The kits are supplied with two mounts, three mounts, and no mounts. Also

2016-12-07 / News

Expanding the Unipack range

We constantly monitor new products to expand the range of products offered to our customers. Unipak materials are considered to be one of the most reliable and high-quality materials for sealing

2016-12-01 / News

A new TEBO plant has opened in the Moscow region

on June 14, 2016, a new TEBO plant was opened near Lobnya. Glass-fiber, aluminum-reinforced and polypropylene pipes are manufactured here. At the end of 2016, the plant plans to release the first

2016-11-24 / News

Proaqua price changes

Reduced prices for Pro Aqua products of domestic production.

< p>well-Known manufacturer of high-quality materials for water supply and heating systems. The company produces polypropylene and metal-plastic

2016-11-10 / News

Updating the range of Altstream shut-off valves

< p>Shut-off valves are used for installation of hot water supply, heating, drinking and household systems.

On sale: ball valves with built-in filter & frac12;", handle, VN-VN; ball valves with built-in

2016-10-18 / News

Changing the warehouse address

Dear partners!

Starting from October 25, 2018, the location of our warehouse will change.

Starting from October 25, you will be able to get materials on a pick-up basis at the new warehouse.

Address of