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Bimetallic radiators are an excellent solution for heating! Thanks to the unique design with the use of two metals-steel and aluminum-these batteries perfectly heat the room of any size In addition, bimetallic radiators are practically not subject to corrosion processes, which means that they serve for decades Do you want to buy bimetallic radiators? The price in our online catalog will definitely please You Choose the product size and quantity and place an order

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009010304-02 Bimetallic radiator RADENA BIMETALL 150 / 4 4715.23 1/1
009010306-02 Bimetallic radiator RADENA BIMETALL 150 / 6 4486.33 1/1
009010308-02 Bimetallic radiator RADENA BIMETALL 150 / 8 5981.78 1/1
009010310-02 RADENA BIMETALL 150/10 bimetallic radiator 7477.22 1/1
009010312-02 Bimetallic radiator RADENA BIMETALL 150/12 8972.67 1/1
009010314-02 RADENA BIMETALL 150/14 bimetallic radiator 10468.11 1/1
009010316-02 RADENA BIMETALL 150/16 bimetallic radiator 11963.56 1/1
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Rifar-S-50004 Bimetallic radiator Rifar SUPReMO 500 4 sections 4000 1/1
Rifar-S-50006 Bimetallic radiator Rifar SUPReMO 500 6 sections 6000 1/1
Rifar-S-50008 Bimetallic radiator Rifar SUPReMO 500 8 sections 8000 1/1
Rifar-S-50010 Bimetallic radiator Rifar SUPReMO 500 10 sections 10000 1/1
Rifar-S-50012 Bimetallic radiator Rifar SUPReMO 500 12 sections 12000 1/1
Rifar-S-50014 Bimetallic radiator Rifar SUPReMO 500 14 sections 14000 1/1
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SRB-0310-050004 Bimmetal radiator Stout 500 4 sections 4000 1/1
SRB-0310-050006 Bimmetal radiator Stout 500 6 sections 6000 1/1
SRB-0310-050010 Bimmetal radiator Stout 500 10 sections 10000 1/1
SRB-0310-050008 Bimmetal radiator Stout 500 8 sections 8000 1/1
SRB-0310-050012 Bimmetal radiator Stout 500 12 sections 12000 1/1
SRB-0310-050014 Bimmetal radiator Stout 500 14 sections 14000 1/1
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SRB-0310-035004 Bimmetal radiator Stout 350 4 sections 3927.27 1/1
SRB-0310-035006 Bimmetal radiator Stout 350 6 sections 5890.91 1/1
SRB-0310-035008 Bimmetal radiator Stout 350 8 sections 7854.55 1/1
SRB-0310-035010 Bimmetal radiator Stout 350 10 sections 9818.18 1/1
SRB-0310-035012 Bimmetal radiator Stout 350 12 sections 11781.82 1/1
SRB-0310-035014 Bimmetal radiator Stout 350 14 sections 13745.45 1/1
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BI350-80-130-4 Bimetallic radiator Rommer Profi Bm 350 4 sections 2453.75 1/1
BI350-80-130-6 Bimetallic radiator Rommer Profi Bm 350 6 sections 3681.39 1/1
BI350-80-130-8 Bimetallic radiator Rommer Profi Bm 350 8 sections 4908.26 1/1
BI350-80-130-10 Bimetallic radiator Rommer Profi Bm 350 10 sections 6135.14 1/1
BI350-80-130-12 Bimetallic radiator Rommer Profi Bm 350 12 sections 7362.01 1/1
BI500-80-150-4 Bimetallic radiator Rommer Profi Bm 500 4 sections 2610.92 1/1
BI500-80-150-6 Bimetallic radiator Rommer Profi Bm 500 6 sections 3916.39 1/1
BI500-80-150-8 Bimetallic radiator Rommer Profi Bm 500 8 sections 5221.85 1/1
BI500-80-150-10 Bimetallic radiator Rommer Profi Bm 500 10 sections 6527.31 1/1
BI500-80-150-12 Bimetallic radiator Rommer Profi Bm 500 12 sections 7832.77 1/1
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009010104 RADENA BIMETALL 350/4 bimetallic radiator 3326.6 1/1
009010105 RADENA BIMETALL 350/5 bimetallic radiator 4158.25 1/1
009010106 RADENA BIMETALL 350/6 bimetallic radiator 4989.9 1/1
009010107 RADENA BIMETALL 350/7 bimetallic radiator 5821.55 1/1
009010108 Bimetallic radiator RADENA BIMETALL 350/8 6653.2 1/1
009010109 RADENA BIMETALL 350/9 bimetallic radiator 7484.85 1/1
009010110 RADENA BIMETALL 350/10 bimetallic radiator 8316.5 1/1
009010111 Bimetallic radiator RADENA BIMETALL 350/11 9148.15 1/1
009010112 Bimetallic radiator RADENA BIMETALL 350/12 9979.8 1/1
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OP50004bm Bimetallic radiator Rommer Optima Bm 500 4 sections 2154.66 1/1
OP50006bm Bimetallic radiator Rommer Optima Bm 500 6 sections 3231.99 1/1
OP50008bm Bimetallic radiator Rommer Optima Bm 500 8 sections 4309.32 1/1
OP50010bm Bimetallic radiator Rommer Optima Bm 500 10 sections 5386.65 1/1
OP50012bm Bimetallic radiator Rommer Optima Bm 500 12 sections 6463.98 1/1

Among the many different types and types of batteries, bimetallic radiators were able to take a special, unique place in human life These radiators are based on a combination of all the positive properties of two metals – steel and aluminum, which allows you to achieve excellent heat output and stability But what is the feature of the device and how do these batteries work?

Properties and device

For bimetallic batteries with a combined use and configuration structure, in which the internal part interacting with the heat carrier is made of steel, and the external part responsible for the quality of heat output is made of aluminum This division of materials makes it possible to maximize all possible positive qualities of these materials, while at the same time neutralizing the disadvantages

Useful properties of aluminum

Thanks to aluminum radiators received:

  • High level of thermal inertia;
  • Excellent heat transfer;
  • Ability to quickly respond to battery temperature detection and monitoring

Useful properties of steel

The core, made of steel, gave bimetallic radiators such characteristics as:

  • Resistance to possible changes and changes in pressure, as well as to water shocks;
  • Resistance to various influences of the electrochemical type;
  • No requirements for heat carriers, as well as their quality level;
  • Durability

At the same time, bimetallic pipes, unlike aluminum-type batteries, perfectly tolerate the operating conditions of centralized heating systems

In addition to these advantages, we can also note some positive qualities of bimetallic batteries These include the following:

  • The threshold of maximum pressure up to 40 atmospheres;
  • High power with small dimensions;
  • Economy, which is explained by a small cross-section of channels;
  • Convenience of the battery as a structure – its parts can be removed or added if desired and necessary;
  • You can easily calculate the number of active sections that are important and have their own meaning in order to warm up one or more rooms;
  • Term of work-up to 25 years;
  • Appearance

Are there any problems related to the operation of radiators made of two metals

Radiators made of a pair of metals have a lot of advantages, but you should also keep in mind the disadvantages What are the disadvantages of bimetallic batteries?

  • Despite the fact that bimetallic radiators can be used together with any heat carrier, the reduced quality of heat carriers negatively affects the service life of radiators;
  • Different and different expansion coefficients of metals present in radiators can eventually cause unstable heat transfer, which also reduces the quality and strength of the device

Design features

Batteries made of a pair of metals have two types of construction:

  • Cheap models that differ in the use of a steel core, but only in vertical channels, and nowhere else Similar radiators are also semi-metallic Even if these radiators are superior to aluminum models, they still do not have a good enough strength, which should be in bimetallic solid models;
  • Bimetallic radiators with a solid steel frame that is filled with aluminum alloy under pressure

There are also copper-aluminum modifications and battery models that are several times superior in basic parameters to all other types of radiators They are characterized by excellent resistance to corrosion, heat transfer and long service life However, there is a disadvantage – this is a very high cost, because of which such models are not quite common

The size of the radiators

The size of the battery has its own significance, since with the correct power parameters, such a heating device should be mounted under the window sill What are the dimensions and parameters of such radiator heating devices?

The radiators are measured by standard parameters of height The device has its own marking indicating the distance between the axes on the radiator-200, 350 or 500 millimeters Accordingly, the total height of radiators with such markings is 280, 430 and 580 millimeters These are ideal parameters for indoor use

It should be remembered that the width of the battery depends on the number of mounted sections, which is calculated according to the parameters and features of the room, as well as according to the power of the sections separately

How to calculate the number of sections in the battery

What is the number of sections of the battery can completely, normal to heat the room? In order to calculate the required amount, you should know two parameters such as:

  • Area of premises;
  • Section capacity

If you pay attention to the norms and state Standards, then for heating one kVthe meter needs about 100 watts of power Therefore, to calculate the total capacity, you need to take the area of the room and multiply by 100

For example, if you take a room of 25 square meters and a radiator that has a power of one section of 170 W, then:

  • 25x100 = 2500 W-required power;
  • 2500:170-14.7, or, if rounded, 15 This is the right and sufficient number of sections in the battery

If you consider that the parameters of such a system are subject to changes due to blockages or equipment wear, it is recommended to add about 20 percent of the stock An increased number of sections can be useful for heating a corner apartment or rooms with high ceilings or several large Windows For different regions with a harsh climate, you need to increase the number of sections by a couple of times

Since the battery, the total number of sections in which more than one dozen, warms up is not very effective, you should install several different radiators with the number of sections less than 10

What you should pay attention to when purchasing

So, what are the settings variable battery type should be taken into account in the process of purchasing? The main ones are the following:

  • Working pressure A bimetallic sectional radiator must withstand a fixed load of 15 atmospheres for a long time If we are talking about a centralized heating system, it is better to buy a battery with the maximum possible and acceptable pressure for normal operation;
  • Rated power of the section This is necessary in order to calculate their number;
  • Sizes If the height of the window sill is standard, that is, equal to 80 centimeters, it is better to buy a model of 500 millimeters (the size of the center distance);
  • The thickness of the steel tabs Everything is clear here – the thicker the walls, the stronger the radiator will be, and the longer the radiator will last without problems and failures;
  • Cost Bimetallic radiators are about 20 percent more expensive than aluminum ones If the cost is equal to or less, it is most likely a fake, or a low-quality semi-metal was used


Qualified specialists recommend combining bimetallic devices and reinforced pipes with polypropylene It is also possible to use metal pipes or steel pipes and joints However, with this combination, you must be prepared for possible blockages and leaks Due to the unreliability of the radiator, spot welding is one of the most optimal ways to connect it

Traditionally it is necessary to place the battery in the center under the window opening This method allows the radiator to create a certain curtain of heat, thereby creating an obstacle to the flow and penetration of cold through the window

Connectivity option

  1. One-way or side These types of connections have maximum efficiency, but only if there are 12 sections or fewer If there are more sections, the battery will be poorly warmed up;
  2. The lower connection is not the most efficient, especially when it comes to heat output Therefore, the lower connection can be used for a specific configuration of the entire heating system;
  3. Another connection option is diagonal It is used for connecting radiators with 12 sections or more
  4. Before you connect the heating device, you should put a valve on it in order to drain the air (this is the Mayevsky tap) You also need adapters to connect the valve to the pipes and the entire structure as a whole

Connection steps

  1. Removal of old radiators;
  1. The marking for the installation of a new radiator In this case, you need to use the construction level and drill holes for mounting brackets;
  1. Brackets need to be fixed to the wall For this purpose dowels and a cement solution are used;
  1. After that, you need to take the battery and connect it to the communications Where the connection will be, you need to place a thermostat or tap

Since the sectional battery of the bimetallic type is characterized by narrowed channels inside the structure, you also need to put a filter with rough cleaning This will save thin channels from debris and other problems

What models can be purchased

Sira Group

This is an Italian brand that most experts consider to be the originator of such equipment The company started its work in the early 50s and 60s, and now it has a lot of different industrial production sites

The company became successful due to high-quality equipment with heat transfer and excellent design In other words, the company is focused on meeting the needs of citizens Now the brand is focused on creating energy saving equipment


This brand was also created in Italy, and the Fardelli brothers made it It happened in 1971 At first, the company was engaged in the production of only aluminum radiators, because then energy resources were expensive, and aluminum gave more heat at the same cost

But in 1994, the company also mastered bimetallic models, and this was due to the company's entry into the domestic market with its unique pressure system The company's equipment complies with GOST, and the service life is 25 years

Royal Thermo

This brand was created as a result of the merger of Italian and English companies RT, having conducted several transactions in the North of Italy, realized the market prospects Until 1998, the company's products sought to meet the needs of the market, but then, when it was necessary to develop Russia and Eastern Europe, the company switched to other equipment


Another brand from Italy The history of this brand is directly related to Silvestro Niboli, who about 50 years ago decided to move away from the compact production of chandeliers and accessories to start producing radiators of a unique brand

Now the company has become one of the developing ones, and its products are familiar to many consumers High-quality equipment, as well as the improvement of the technologies used, together with the optimal cost and overall market valuation, made this company one of the most promising


But this is our domestic brand, which started working relatively recently, namely in 2002 Design innovation and development of radiators in this company were carried out under the guidance and in cooperation with qualified specialists in Italy Similar production equipment, as well as other mechanical means, were taken from Italy

A unique feature of these radiators is increased heat transfer Due to this, you can also install such radiators in large rooms


But these models are created at a domestic factory called "Rifar", and they are most adapted to the working conditions in Russia Each radiator goes through a multi-stage control at each stage of development in order to check compliance and quality of operation during operation According to manufacturers, these radiators can withstand up to 135 degrees and up to 100 working atmospheres

Rating Which radiators are best for your home?

The rating shown below was based on the following parameters:

  • The level of heat;
  • The overall operation;
  • Sensitivity to the heat carrier;
  • Resistance to possible fluctuations in pressure.;
  • Sections and their number;
  • Production quality;
  • Simple installation;
  • Style and design

List of best batteries with a distance between the axes equal to 500 millimeters

This choice is not accidental, because this distance between the axes, i.e. 500 mm, is the standard and most popular among consumers and rooms with large window openings

Royal Thermo PianoForte 500

A large number of laudatory positive ratings of consumers to this particular model of radiators puts it at the top of the rating presented In addition to positive customer reviews, this model is characterized by reliability, long service life and excellent design

Other advantages, features and advantages include the following:

  • Heat transfer within 740-2590 W;
  • The number of possible sections is 4-14;
  • Unique and high-quality technology called Power Shift, which allows you to increase heat transfer;
  • Manifolds and steels designed for possible pressure surges (up to 30 ATM);
  • Resistance to any heat carrier of any quality;
  • Possibility of mounting both on the wall and on the floor;
  • Unique design;
  • Term of operation-10 years

The only drawback is the high cost of the model However, as the British note – you should not be so rich a person who buys cheap things In other words, it is better to buy such a not the cheapest model than a cheap radiator that will need to be repaired and changed every year

Rifar Monolit 500

This is an excellent domestic development, which in all its parameters and features deserves an honorable second place in this rating In addition to the fact that a large number of positive reviews have been written about this model, this model is also distinguished by the use of the same technology, which is used directly in the creation process The peculiarity of this technology is that the sections are connected to each other using contact welding


  • The design of this model is monolithic, so the radiator can be used in harsh conditions;
  • The heat exchange level varies between 784-2744 W;
  • The number of working sections, 4-14;
  • Increased battery level and resistance to aggressive heat carriers (pH 7-9);
  • Availability of the lower type of connection;
  • Guarantee of a perfect service life – 25 years

As for the disadvantages, it is the high cost and the presence of only an even number of sections But in General, consumers have a positive impact on the quality and performance of this radiator

Global Style Plus 500

Another high-quality model from Italy, which has collected a large number of positive reviews and reviews It should be noted that the inner part is made of alloy steel As for the external coating, it is made of aluminum


  • An increased level of strength of the product;
  • Pressure-up to 35 atmospheres;
  • Heat output level – 740-2590 W;
  • The number of working sections, 4-14;
  • The aggressiveness index of the heat carrier is 6.5-8.5;
  • Warranty period-10 years

Among the disadvantages, it can be noted that the heat transfer of the battery decreases when the temperature of the heat carrier decreases However, in General, owners and consumers note a high level of quality Separately note the resistance to pressure surges, as well as the presence of silicone gaskets between the joints of the sections

Thus, the main criteria are:

  1. Radiator manufacturing company;
  2. Pressure indicators;
  3. Design;
  4. Easy connection and installation;
  5. Power and heat output