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  • Material type: processed polyamide multi-fiber thread.
  • Temperature/pressure resistance:
  • Gas: from -20 ° C to +70 ° C, ≤ 5 bar;
  • Hot water: up to +130oC, ≤ 7 bar;
  • Drinking water: up to +85oC, ≤ 16 bar.
  • This product has been tested and complies with EN 751-2 for ARP class connections, which forms the basis for DVGW approval (Certificate no. NV-5142BP5597).
  • The product has been approved for use in pipe fittings (for gas, cold and hot water). In addition, it has approval for drinking water BS 6920 (1996).
  • Resistant to gases of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd groups (group 3 in the vapor phase), hot and cold water, gas condensates, compressed air and industrial oils.


  • Tangit Uni-Lock thread is a universal material for sealing pipes with threads. It allows you to seal threaded components (ISO 7-1), such as couplings and pipe fittings with both cylindrical and conical threads.
  • Operating range: cold and hot water supply up to 130C and gas.
  • Tangit Uni-Lock is particularly useful in cases where it is necessary that the threaded connections are ready for operation immediately and allow for a small adjustment before use.
  • It is not recommended for use in systems with pure oxygen and/or saturated oxygen, as well as for chlorine or other strong oxidizing agents, gasoline, diesel fuel or fuel oil.

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Tangit 160m TANGIT UNI-LOK thread 160m 1000 20/20
Tangit 20m TANGIT UNI-LOK thread 20m 360 12/96
Tangit 80m Thread TANGIT UNI-LOK 80m 700 20/20
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006140401 FORA sanitary Linen 100 gr 61.76 1/50
006140402 FORA sanitary Linen 200 gr 117.03 1/25
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006140501 FORA Set #1 (25g pasta, 7G flax) 72.21 1/40
006140502 FORA Set #2 (pasta 70g, flax 15 g) 99.75 1/30
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006140702 FORA Pasta 70g 63 1/60
006140701 FORA Pasta 25g 46.41 1/90
006140703 FORA Paste 250 gr 111.87 1/32
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006140301 FORA thread sanitary linen 55m 82.68 1/24
006140211 FORA Thread sealing thread 20m 106.79 10/240
006140302 FORA thread sanitary linen 110m 144.41 1/10
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006140102 FORA FUM tape 30 x 12 mm x 0.1 mm 53.82 5/100
006140103 FORA FUM tape 15 x 19 mm x 0.075 mm 30.65 10/250
006140101 FORA FUM tape 10 x 12 mm x 0.075 mm 17.94 10/250
006140104 FORA FUM tape 40 x 19 mm x 0.075 mm 79.98 5/25
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006140601 FORA Grease 250g. 117.72 1/32
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FIX320 Retainer anaerobic Adhesive sealant No. 3 20ml 95 1/46
FIX340 Retainer Adhesive-sealant anaerobic No. 3 40gr 186 1/80
FIX380 Retainer Adhesive-sealant anaerobic No. 3 80gr 299 1/60
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04013 Santehmaster Gel 15g green 178.5 1/50
04015 Santehmaster Gel 60g green 440.64 1/50
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04017 Santehmaster Gel 15g blue 178.5 1/50
04019 Santehmaster Gel 60g blue 440.64 1/50
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04023 Stopmanager Red. Ultra fast 1/2 to 3" 530 0/0

The Russian market is progressing showing new products in all areas of activity. An excellent example of the development of the industry can be considered the emergence of a completely new class of seals for threads made of modern polymer materials.

The innovative product confidently replaces previously used, outdated plant fibers, including flax. The development of the latest generation is used with the same efficiency both in gas systems and for sealing threaded connections in plumbing. We are talking about anaerobic sealants.

What is an anaerobic sealant?

It is a liquid substance made of polymer materials that easily penetrates into the smallest gaps of threaded connections due to its consistency, as a result, very reliable sealing of the splice points and their complete tightness is achieved. The anti-corrosion properties of this unique threaded retainer can be attributed to another of the advantages of the innovation. A certain confusion is caused by the variety of names that this product has: gels, pastes, adhesives, threaded and plumbing gels. All this is the name of one product and there is no significant difference between them.


Anaerobic sealants have long been used in areas that require durability and reliability of connections, their increased durability. They are widely used in the military-industrial complex, aerospace industry, and mechanical engineering. Today, the product is actively used in the maintenance of water pipes, gas and heating systems. Often used as elementary gel pads, it has found its application in private households and large housing and construction plants. Master plumbers are increasingly giving their preference to this modern development, seeing the undeniable advantages of sealant over traditional FUM tapes and linen.

Anaerobic fixers are initially adapted for use in aggressive environments, including chemically active environments.gels for sealing joints perfectly tolerate high temperature loads and high levels of vibration, and easily withstand pressure above 50 atmospheres. The combination of these factors makes it possible to effectively use the product in many areas other than plumbing, for example, for servicing gas systems.

The products have passed the necessary certification and are approved for use in the maintenance of water pipes with drinking water.


The polymer acts on the principle of maximum filling of any backlash between the threads, where in the absence of oxygen and in direct contact with the metal, it hardens quite quickly. During the polymerization process, the raw material is transformed into an extremely strong substance with unique characteristics that are ideal for use in places where traditional means have not worked. The resulting material is stable, it absolutely does not shrink and at the same time does not expand.

In the end, we have a completely sealed connection that does not depend on external factors, including temperature conditions, excessive pressure or physical effects, such as twisting.

The composition of the sealant is unique, it begins to harden only directly on the thread in the absence of an oxygen environment. The excess remaining from the outer part of the coupling or other type of connecting device remains liquid which allows them to be reused in another place.


The sealant is simple and easy to use, produced in a convenient tube with a carefully designed flat neck, equipped with a brush made of specially selected fiberglass material designed to remove excess sealing agent. Glue is applied to the work area directly from the convenient neck of the tube, and it is distributed over the surface. No additional devices or devices are needed. The tool is universal and can easily be used not only for plumbing work, but also for servicing gas pipelines and heating systems.


✓ Shake the tube several times

✓ Remove the cap and use the tube neck to apply a thick layer of paste to the thread

✓ By turning the parts evenly place the gel and assemble the joint

✓ Remove the excess mixture with a brush and transfer it to the next Assembly


The unique composition of the gel does not need any additives or solvents, it is completely ready for use immediately after opening the tube. Remove rust and dirt. The certified gel contains elements that have high solvent properties, but still brush and degrease the work surface will not be superfluous, this will increase the efficiency of the compound. At temperatures close to standard, 15'C is enough for 15 minutes to put a little pressure on the Assembly unit, if the leak does not detect itself, you can increase the pressure to 10 atmospheres, and after 24 hours increase it to 40 atmospheric units. If work is performed at a lower temperature, the Assembly point must be warmed up for the reaction to take place.


✓ No professional skills are required to carry out the work, even an Amateur can easily understand the features of operation

✓ Ease of use guarantees Assembly in the shortest possible time

✓ "Smart composition" significantly saves material consumption by allowing you to transfer the excess to a new Assembly point

✓ You will not need any additional devices during the operation, all the necessary operations can be performed without using tools

✓ High level of strength ensures complete tightness at high pressure levels, up to 100 bar inclusive

✓ Anti-rust properties provide protection against rust

✓ The product is sold at affordable prices, and at the same time demonstrates unique features

✓ It is possible to install structural elements at angles of 180 degrees (alignment)

Among the disadvantages, we can note the need for additional heating of the Assembly unit on large-diameter pipes if the work is carried out at a temperature below the calculated +15'C.


Dismantling of structures assembled using anaerobic gel is carried out with standard tools, in the case of using glue with an increased level of fixation, you will need to warm up the connecting node. Formed in the course of the work, remove chips with a cloth. Ideally, you do not need to clean the joints for subsequent Assembly, the remaining sealant will not affect the tightness in the future.

Anaerobic sealants have no equivalent analogues, they can not be replaced without losing the quality of the work performed. 20 years of guaranteed operation will ensure the use of this unique tool, the masters can be sure of the quality of the work performed for a long time.