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Sanitary clamps of the SVK-plast brand are a reliable sanitary accessory. Since 2016, we have been producing at our own production facilities:

  • pipe clamp,
  • rubberized clamp with nut,
  • clamp set with stud and dowel in individual packaging,
  • reinforced clamp,
  • band clamp,
  • rubbers,
  • staples,
  • hanging (sprinkler) clamps
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Vendor code Name Price Packing / box Add to Shopping Cart
SVK-Fe010 Metal clamp with nut (M8) 15-19 (3/8") 17.35 1/400
SVK-Fe015 Metal clamp with nut (M8) 20-24 (1/2") 18.69 1/300
SVK-Fe020 Metal clamp with nut (M8) 25-29 (3/4") 19.35 1/230
SVK-Fe025 Metal clamp with nut (M8) 32-37 (1") 20.69 1/170
SVK-Fe032 Metal clamp with nut (M8) 40-45 (1 1/4") 23.36 1/110
SVK-Fe040 Metal clamp with nut (M8) 47-53 (1 1/2") 24.69 1/110
SVK-Fe050М8 Metal clamp with nut (M8) 60-64 (2") 33.37 1/90
SVK-Fe065М8 Metal clamp with nut (M8) 73-80 (2 1/2") 45.38 1/90
SVK-Fe080М8 Metal clamp with nut (M8) 87-90 (3") 48.05 1/90
SVK-Fe080М10 Metal clamp with nut (M10) 87-90 (3") 50 1/90
SVK-Fe100М10 Metal clamp with nut (M10) 110-114 (4") 58.01 1/50
SVK-Fe100М8 Metal clamp with nut (M8) 110-114 (4") 57.49 1/50
SVK-Fe125М10 Metal clamp with nut (M10) 135-143 (5") 78.75 1/60
SVK-Fe150М10 Metal clamp with nut (M10) 155-162 (6") 90.76 1/60
SVK-Fe200М10 Metal clamp with nut (M10) 195-205 (8") 120.12 1/40
Vendor code Name Price Packing / box Add to Shopping Cart
SVK-KLL3/4-1 Set of brackets for collectors universal 3/4-1 (2 PCs) 234.6 2/50
Vendor code Name Price Packing / box Add to Shopping Cart
SVK-FSPR015 Metal sprinkler clamp (suspended) 1/2" 40 1/180
SVK-FSPR020 Metal sprinkler clamp (suspended) 3/4" 44 1/160
SVK-FSPR025 Metal sprinkler clamp (suspended) 1" 50 1/150
SVK-FSPR032 Metal sprinkler clamp (suspended) 1 1/4" 55 1/120
SVK-FSPR040 Metal sprinkler clamp (suspended) 1 1/2" 62 1/100
SVK-FSPR050 Metal sprinkler clamp (suspended) 2" 78 1/80
SVK-FSPR075 Metal sprinkler clamp (suspended) 2 1/2" 80 1/60
SVK-FSPR080 Metal sprinkler clamp (suspended) 3" 80 1/120
SVK-FSPR100 Metal sprinkler clamp (suspended) 4" 120 1/60
SVK-FSPR125 Metal sprinkler clamp (suspended) 5" 86.74 1/50
SVK-FSPR150 Metal sprinkler clamp (suspended) 6" 130 1/30
SVK-FSPR200 Metal sprinkler clamp (suspended) 8" 159.94 1/10
SVK-FSPR250 Metal sprinkler clamp (suspended) 10" 284.73 1/10
Vendor code Name Price Packing / box Add to Shopping Cart
SVK-FCW000812 Worm clamp (for hose) 8-12 mm/9 W2 16.46 1/1000
SVK-FCW001016 Worm clamp (for hose) 10-16 mm/9 W2 16.74 1/1000
SVK-FCW001220 Worm clamp (for hose) 12-20 mm/9 W2 16.87 1/1000
SVK-FCW001222 Worm clamp (for hose) 12-22 mm/9 W2 17.05 1/1000
SVK-FCW001625 Worm clamp (for hose) 16-25 mm/9 W2 18.12 1/1000
SVK-FCW001627 Worm clamp (for hose) 16-27 mm/9 W2 18.78 1/1000
SVK-FCW002032 Worm clamp (for hose) 20-32 mm/9 W2 18.4 1/1000
SVK-FCW002540 Worm clamp (for hose) 25-40 mm/9 W2 21.08 1/500
SVK-FCW003045 Worm clamp (for hose) 30-45 mm/9 W2 22.49 1/500
SVK-FCW003250 Worm clamp (for hose) 32-50 mm/9 W2 23.18 1/500
SVK-FCW004060 Worm clamp (for hose) 40-60 mm/9 W2 23.56 1/500
SVK-FCW005070 Worm clamp (for hose) 50-70 mm/9 W2 24.71 1/500
SVK-FCW006080 Worm clamp (for hose) 60-80 mm/9 W2 26.45 1/500
SVK-FCW007090 Worm clamp (for hose) 70-90 mm/9 W2 28.09 1/500
SVK-FCW080100 Worm clamp (for hose) 80-100 mm/9 W2 30.56 1/250
SVK-FCW090110 Worm clamp (for hose) 90-110 mm/9 W2 32.38 1/250
SVK-FCW100120 Worm clamp (for hose) 100-120 mm/9 W2 34.5 1/250
SVK-FCW110130 Worm clamp (for hose) 110-130 mm/9 W2 36.8 1/250
SVK-FCW120140 Worm clamp (for hose) 120-140 mm/9 W2 38.03 1/250
SVK-FCW130150 Worm clamp (for hose) 130-150 mm/9 W2 40.79 1/250
SVK-FCW140160 Worm clamp (for hose) 140-160 mm/9 W2 43.85 1/250
SVK-FCW150170 Worm clamp (for hose) 150-170 mm/9 W2 48.15 1/250
SVK-FCW160180 Worm clamp (for hose) 160-180 mm/9 W2 51.21 1/250
SVK-FCW170190 Worm clamp (for hose) 170-190 mm/9 W2 55.2 1/250
SVK-FCW180200 Worm clamp (for hose) 180-200 mm/9 W2 58.27 1/250
SVK-FCW190210 Worm clamp (for hose) 190-210 mm/9 W2 69.95 1/250
SVK-FCW200220 Worm clamp (for hose) 200-220 mm/9 W2 71.3 1/250
SVK-FCW210230 Worm clamp (for hose) 210-230 mm/9 W2 73.91 1/250
SVK-FCW220240 Worm clamp (for hose) 220-240 mm/9 W2 74.75 1/250
SVK-FCW230250 Worm clamp (for hose) 230-250 mm/9 W2 78.33 1/250
SVK-FCW240260 Worm clamp (for hose) 240-260 mm/9 W2 80.14 1/250
SVK-FCW250270 Worm clamp (for hose) 250-270 mm/9 W2 81.68 1/250
SVK-FCW260280 Worm clamp (for hose) 260-280 mm/9 W2 83.82 1/250
SVK-FCW280300 Worm clamp (for hose) 280-300 mm/9 W2 84.08 1/250
SVK-FCW290310 Worm clamp (for hose) 290-310 mm/9 W2 85.74 1/250
SVK-FCW300320 Worm clamp (for hose) 300-320 mm/9 W2 86.25 1/250
SVK-FCW340360 Worm clamp (for hose) 340-360 mm/9 W2 92 1/1
Vendor code Name Price Packing / box Add to Shopping Cart
SVK-SP-0860 Pin-screw plumbing M8*60mm 3.18 1/1800
SVK-SP-0870 Pin-screw plumbing M8*70mm 3.58 1/1500
SVK-SP-0880 Pin-screw plumbing M8*80mm 3.99 1/1200
SVK-SP-10100 Pin-screw plumbing M10*100mm 7.99 1/600
Vendor code Name Price Packing / box Add to Shopping Cart
SVK-SD-1050 Dowel 10x50 1.05 1/1
SVK-SD-1260 Dowel 12. 0x60 1.35 1/1

SVK-Plast produces clamps of all basic parameters from 3/8 "(15-18 mm) to 6" (155-162 mm). Our clamps are manufactured in accordance with state standards, products comply with GOST 24140-80. Reliability and durability of SVK clamps is the result of our many years of work with this group of products. When installing, we advise you to follow the installation recommendations and rely on the information on the maximum permissible loads. Clamps of our production are delivered to all regions of Russia and exported to neighboring countries. We find individual solutions in matters of completeness of supply, transportation and packaging.

Advantage of clamps «SVK-Plast»

*  The clamp is made of high-quality carbon steel 08pS (GOST 503-81).

*  A nut M8 or M10 is welded to its body (in accordance with GOST 15524-70). When checking the welded nut for twisting with a torque wrench, the indicators are much higher than those stated in the passport.

*  The clamp is assembled using screws M5 (M6) with an enlarged cross head, screws according to GOST (DIN 7985).

*  Soft and elastic inserts made of EPDM rubber seal are put on the product plates.

*  For large clamps, screws with a length of 24 mm are used, which allows to increase the diameter tolerance of different pipes.

*  In the manufacture, a chromated zinc coating is used (thickness 8 - 10 microns). Thanks to it, the clamp is reliably protected from corrosion and has a light color.

*  Nylon dowel, the most durable and withstand high temperatures due to polyamide components. SVK products comply with DIN 4109 standards for noise, vibration and thermal expansion compensation. The products are ready for sale: they are packaged in packages with the possibility of hanging on a suspension in the sales area, provided with all the necessary information and a barcode.

Pipe clamps SVK   

A rubber gasket pipe clamp is a ring or bracket with a rubber gasket and a clamping mechanism.    

The gasket dampens vibrations and provides a snug fit to the metal, and the longitudinal ribs on it prevent the clamp from sliding along the pipe.     

Clamps of this type are used to securely fix pipes to the wall and to connect pipes from individual elements.


The main parameters of the manufactured products:

Types of plumbing clamps manufactured by TD Stroyservice

Metal and plastic clamps    

Depending on what material the clamps are made of, they are divided into two types: plastic and metal. The cost of clamps largely depends on the material from which they were made.   

Metal are made of strong steel grade st08ps GOST 16523-97. They are used for clamping and joining steel, copper and cast iron pipes as well as mixed pipes. The presence of a rubber gasket prevents vibration of the clamps during operation, and the zinc coating protects against corrosion.    

ѕластмассовые менее надежны дл€ креплени€ металлических труб, но идеально подход€т дл€ труб из ѕ¬’. ќни позвол€ют использовать сантехническое оборудование даже при высоком давлении.

ѕо области применени€ хомуты —¬  можно разделить на следующие типы:


Clamps with nut

Nut clamps are mainly used for fastening hoses and metal pipes. Such a clamp is a ring with a welded nut, which is fixed and tightened using screws or bolts (in a reinforced version). These clamps are durable due to the thickness of the metal. At the request of the customer, the clamp with the nut can be completed with a stud and a dowel and delivered in an individual package with a blister attachment.


Rubber - clamp-bracket for fixing pipes, hoses, cables, etc. to hard surfaces. It is made of steel strip with holes. The clamp is galvanized for corrosion protection (chromated zinc coating is used). The ruber has a rubber gasket that reduces vibration and prevents pipe damage. The reliability of the rubbers is achieved due to the integral stamping of the product and the stiffener located in the bracket.

Electrical brackets

Electrical brackets are designed to secure the electrical cable. In fact, these are brackets, since they have no circular base, and the diameter is very small. Attached with a self-tapping screw or a short nail.

Reinforced clamps

Reinforced clamps are used to fasten and connect structures operating under high pressure. The structure of reinforced clamps is the same as that of ordinary plumbing clamps, but in their manufacture they use a thicker metal tape, larger screws, additional welding of the nut in a circle. Therefore, this type of clamp is more durable than others. Their diameter is increased compared to the rest, and they can also be adjusted after installation when replacing or strongly compressing (expanding) pipes.

Band clamps

Band clamps are used to secure PVC pipes. Most often they are used for sewerage and other gravity systems. These clamps can be single or double. Doubles are more durable, they can be used in systems with relatively high pressure. In terms of installation, these are some of the simplest designs.

Suspended clamps (sprinkler) for pipes

Suspended clamps are pear-shaped loop brackets made of steel strip. Steel galvanized for corrosion protection. A pipe is inserted into the loop, then the clamp is attached to the supporting surface. Clamps of this type are used for the installation of sprinkler pipes in automatic fire extinguishing systems. During installation, the suspension height can be adjusted. Free movement of the pipe in the loop protects the entire system from water hammer, which ensures its reliability and durability.

«Clip» as a plumbing clamp

The clip is most often used to fasten polypropylene pipes and is usually made of plastic. In this case, pipes can be fixed both horizontally and vertically. A distinctive feature of the "clip" is that it is used specifically for fastening, and not for connecting and compressing pipes. Therefore, all structures can expand within the free space that remains after fastening. The clip is a ring with a small cut. Fastened with conventional screws. First, the clip itself is attached to the base (wall, floor, foundation, etc.), and then the pipe is inserted inside until it clicks. If necessary, the pipe can be pulled out of the holder in the same way. Today there are several types of clips. Despite the many advantages, this type of clamps also has a disadvantage: they can only be used to fix pipes of a certain diameter.

Compliance with government standards

All parameters for the manufacture of one or another type of clamps manufactured by TD Stroyservice are regulated by state standards. Technical characteristics are indicated in certificates and equipment data sheets. For the convenience of consumers, we fix the main parameters directly on the clamps themselves.

Completeness of delivery, transportation and storage ;

The plumbing clamp is supplied assembled (screwed on both sides). The clamp can be supplied with a nut and complete with a stud-screw and a dowel. The clamp, complete with a screw-pin and a dowel, is packed in an individual plastic bag.

We supply SVK accessories in packages with individual customer design.

A plumbing clamp or a plumbing clamp in the kit is packed in corrugated boxes. Boxes with clamps are transported in covered vehicles in accordance with the rules for the carriage of goods in force for the respective mode of transport. During transportation and storage, conditions must be observed that protect products from mechanical damage, exposure to moisture and chemically active substances.

We use the services of reliable transport companies. More information about shipping and payment can be found here.

Packaging specifications:

Plumbing clamp with nut

Plumbing clamp with nut, complete with dowel and stud-screw

Installation recommendations and information on maximum permissible loads    

Before starting the installation, make sure that the clamp is selected correctly for the crimping range. Next, you need to disassemble the clamp into 2 component parts, grasp the pipeline and assemble the product.

Load capacity table