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Wilo Pumps

The German company Wilo was founded in 1872, it is engaged in the production of pumping equipment for HVAC systems

Today Wilo is the largest pump manufacturer known to a wide range of consumers Eight factories located in 5 countries The company has more than 4,000 employees, with offices in more than 32 countries

One of the company's main products is circulation pumps for heating systems

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The main purpose of circulation devices is to maintain the continuous movement of the heat carrier through the heating system The movement of the liquid is necessary for uniform heating of the water circuit pipes, regardless of their distance from the heating boiler Wilo pumping equipment supports the required pressure level and can be used in heating systems of all types of configurations

The PRINCIPLE of OPERATION and design features

The pumps of the German company Wilo are manufactured at its own factory facilities The entire range is equipped with a wet rotor The wheel-impeller (impeller), like all moving components, is completely lowered into the coolant

The principle of operation of domestic wet-type pumping equipment intended for heating systems is based on direct contact of the impeller with the heat carrier Such a design solution has a number of advantages:

  • Noiselessness-the module functions completely silently, so that such equipment can be safely installed in living rooms
  • Air removal – the device has a special valve designed to remove air from the heating system
  • Reduce energy consumption – all equipment manufactured by the manufacturer consumes minimal energy while maintaining high performance
  • Long design period of operation-vilo pumping equipment has a strong cast iron body, and its main components are made of stainless materials Each device is tested in the factory, and all offered models have certificates

Consider the advantages and technical parameters of the pumping equipment "Vilo»:

  • Easy operation-the pumps are equipped with a manual or automatic switch You can adjust the speed of movement of the liquid through the pipes and its pressure
  • There is a fuse that protects the motor and rotor from power surges
  • Availability of a thermostat in electronically controlled products
  • Operating characteristics: the pressure is maintained in the range of 1-7. 5 meters.st, the size of the heated room-within 100-2200 kVm, the pump passes 1-12 cubic meters per hour, the permissible temperature range for the coolant is from -10°C to +110°C

The design of Vilo pumps is carefully thought out and makes this equipment high-performance and extremely efficient All models are compatible with radiators and multi-circuit configurations, as well as with air conditioning systems


This line includes pumps designed for domestic use in low-rise residential buildings This is an inexpensive option that is suitable for standard heating systems

The model range includes 2 series:

  • Wilo Star RS – consists of 12 models of pumps with marks in the range of up to 15/4 30/8 All devices have a body made of heat-resistant cast iron, and the other components in contact with the coolant are made of stainless steel This series includes equipment equipped with manual adjustment and capable of maintaining pressure at a level of up to 10 ATM These pumps can pass up to 6 cubic meters of coolant per hour
  • Wilo Star RSD-series includes dual devices designed to perform the following functions: raising the pressure in the heating system, extending its operating period, connecting to two separate circuits at once The device is supplied with a switch designed to regulate the operation of 2 electric motors

Wilo Star equipment is considered high-performance, because, despite its small size, it is able to maintain the desired pressure level in a room up to 750 kV in sizem The weight of the devices is in the range of 3-5 kg, and they themselves have a length of 180 mm


This model range can be used in heating systems of high-rise buildings and spacious country houses, as it is designed for heating areas up to 1400 square metersm The devices have thermal insulation, so that they can be installed on the street

The equipment of the Wilo Top line is capable of providing a head of up to 10 meters of waterst, and can maintain pressure up to 10 ATM This line includes flange type pumping equipment

In addition to the basic model, the buyer can choose one of the following modifications:

  • Wilo Top-main configuration There are more than 50 of its varieties that differ from each other only in the dimension of the flange and the level of performance: the temperature of the coolant can vary in the range from -20°C to +130°C, and the pressure level - in the range of 6-10 ATM
  • Wilo TOP-Z-this pump is insensitive to the quality of the heat carrier used This model is often used in heating systems with hard water and a high probability of lime deposits
  • Wilo TOP-S and TOP-RL-have the highest performance in this model range The devices are equipped with one or two electric motors and a wet rotor They also provide one-or two-phase connection to the network

TOP line pumps are designed for industrial use, with low quality of the heat carrier


This model range appeared relatively recently, all the equipment presented in it is equipped with electronic control These pumps are designed for connection to large-scale heating systems They can also work together with heating boilers with a capacity of at least 25 kW

Their electronic management has many advantages:

  • Power consumption can vary in the range of 2-48 W
  • When working in night mode, power consumption is minimized
  • All operating parameters are adjusted automatically due to the presence of a control controller connected to the thermostat As a result, the pump speed and power are selected based on actual needs

The model range also includes pumps manufactured in a bronze case, and devices designed for a pressure of 16 ATM

Devices of this line meet modern standards of energy saving Unlike conventional pumps, they consume 80% less energy


This modification belongs to the latest developments of the company The device is equipped with electronic control, fully protected from air drying and is able to independently remove foreign hard inclusions from the liquid coolant

You can switch operating modes in this pump manually, and if necessary, you can switch to the factory settings at any time To save on energy consumption, you need to switch the pump to automatic operation mode

The control unit is equipped with a panel that displays information about the pressure in the heating system, the level of energy consumption and other characteristics In addition to devices with a length of 180 mm, the manufacturer also produces small-sized pumps with a size of 130 mm


Wilo pumping equipment is compatible with all types of heating systems, regardless of the size of the pipe section and the power of the heating boiler When choosing a pump for a cottage or apartment, you need to take into account the following factors:

  • Power – the technical data sheet contains the key performance characteristics of the equipment, allowing you to quickly choose the best option You can also use an online calculator to calculate the required power level To do this, you need to find out the performance of the heating boiler, measure the area of the heated rooms, measure the length of the heating circuits and calculate their volume
  • Type of connections-the pumps have 2 types of connections for connection to the pipeline: flanged and threaded The first type is used in multi-storey residential buildings and for heating large areas The second type is usually placed in apartments and cottages with a total area of no more than 200 square metersm

The final calculations should be performed by an experienced specialist after a thorough inspection of the rooms and checking the operation of the heating system You can't do without professional help when choosing an electric pump for a spacious cottage


Wilo circulation pumps are very popular in our country, which is why the equipment of this brand is often forged But in reality it is very easy to verify the authenticity of the pump:

  1. Check the packaging – the original always comes in a strong square cardboard box, painted in bright colors
  2. Screwdriver sockets should be white, not yellowish The sticker on the electric motor must be smooth, with the certification icon
  3. The American nuts supplied in the kit are made of zinc-coated steel and cast in gold (in fakes, nuts are made of plain black steel)
  4. Special spanner racks should be present on the bends to simplify the installation process There is an arrow on the body that shows the direction of the coolant flow

Based on the above information, you can easily distinguish the original from the fake without assistance It is also necessary to take into account that fakes, as a rule, are half the price of the original models " Vilo»

Calculation of pump parameters

Regardless of the type of heating system, when selecting a circulation pump, you should be guided by its performance characteristics To do this, you can use:

  1. Attached instructions – in the documents for Wilo products, you can always find the approximate size of the room for which a particular pump is designed
  2. Online calculator – to do this, enter the appropriate values in the fields, and the program will choose the best option.

You can also ask the store's managers for advice on your choice


When installing and connecting the device to the heating system, you must clearly follow the recommendations given in the instructions attached to the product:

  • In most models, "Wilo" provides for strictly vertical connection The exception is pumps, whose design initially implies a horizontal installation
  • During installation, it is necessary to observe the direction of movement of the coolant marked with arrows on the equipment and mixing unit Installation work must be performed by an experienced master Installation methods vary in different pump models and are described in detail in the technical documentation If installed correctly, the devices will not need maintenance for a long time
  • When connected to the radiator heating system, the pump is connected to the return line, directly in front of the heating boiler To avoid suspension of liquid circulation in the system, the pump is installed in a bypass (bypass)
  • A primary coolant filter should be installed on the bypass frame in front of the electric pump
  • To connect to a warm floor, the circulation device is placed in the mixing unit, while focusing on the arrows present on the product body and its wiring

To extend the period of operation of the device, follow the recommendations of specialists:

  • The equipment can work continuously, and after the end of the heating season, it needs to be started for a few minutes
  • The pump can only be started when all the heating system circuits are filled with coolant Since pumps with a wet rotor use heat transfer fluid as a lubricant, when starting the equipment without it, the bearings will inevitably burn out
  • If the operating equipment is humming, this indicates the presence of a breakdown It can be a blockage of the air vent, which stops the removal of air from the heating system Also, the reason may be incorrectly selected operating mode – then when the speed decreases, the noise usually stops If this measure does not help, you need the help of a specialist

An experienced master will be able to install the pump in a few hours, but if you also need to install a bypass, the installation work will take up to 6 hours


Consumer surveys and statistics show that the pumping equipment of the Wilo and Grundfos brands is characterized by maximum reliability The equipment of the Danish manufacturer DAB is slightly behind them

Wilo products are designed for continuous operation for a minimum of 7 years The company produces modifications suitable for both domestic and industrial use Pumps equipped with a pair of electric motors can be installed in homes that have radiator heating and are also equipped with a "warm floor" system»

Products of the DAB and Wilo brands presented on the market today cost approximately the same, but Wilo devices are much better than their counterparts in terms of performance characteristics