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Outdoor sewerage

CompanyTD Stroyservice offers a full range of pipeline systems for the organization of external engineering networks

External smooth sewer made of polypropylene under the Polytron brand (ring stiffness class SN 4) Pipes and fittings of 110, 160 and 200 mm diameter are designed for the organization of non-pressure external gravity Sewerage and waste water transportation

Product advantages: easy installation, bell-shaped connection system, parts are equipped with rubber o-rings

Convenient transportation: a wide range of pipe segments, it is possible to transport by car, transport around the object by one person

High abrasion resistance, suitable for transporting waste water with a high content of sand and abrasive inclusions

Maximum operating temperature up to 95°C, not susceptible to aqueous acid solutions

It is not subject to corrosion and overgrowth, smooth internal surface

External sewage system Hemkor (class of ring stiffness SN 4, material of PVC) The widest range of pipes and fittings by size: 110, 160, 200, 250, 315, 400, 500 mm of diameter Distinctive features of NPVC from polypropylene: elasticity of the material, does not prick during transportation in negative temperatures, lower cost of the product Limit in maximum operating temperature 65°C

External double-layer sewer Polytron ProKan It is possible tosupply pipes of class SN 8 diameters: 150, 200, 250, 300, 400, 500, 600, 800 and 1000 mm (ID), segments 3000 and 6000 mm; and SN 16 diameters: 300, 400, 500, 600, 800 and 1000mm (ID), in segments of 6000 mm The product is equipped with sockets and o-rings Pipes and fittings of this system are intended for the organization of non-pressure external gravity sewage and transportation of waste water in the ground under load

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ПВХ110560 External pipe 110x560 115.09 70/70
ПВХ1101000 External pipe 110x1000 200.27 70/70
ПВХ1102000 External pipe 110x2000 378.78 70/70
ПВХ1103000 External pipe 110x3000 559.41 70/70
ПВХ1104000 External pipe 110x4000 729.2 50/50
ПВХ1106000 External pipe 110x6000 1101.3 50/50
ПВХ1600500 External pipe 160x500 223.12 28/28
ПВХ1601000 External pipe 160x1000 366.98 42/42
ПВХ1602000 External pipe 160x2000 697.98 42/42
ПВХ1603000 External pipe 160x3000 1029.42 42/42
ПВХ1604000 External pipe 160x4000 1354.17 28/28
ПВХ1606000 External pipe 160x6000 2050.53 28/28
ПВХ2001000 External pipe 200x1000 652.81 25/25
ПВХ2002000 External pipe 200x2000 1072.12 25/25
ПВХ2003000 External pipe 200x3000 1580.84 25/25
ПВХ2004000 External pipe 200x4000 2079.29 25/25
ПВХ2006100 External pipe 200x6100 3153.26 15/15
ПВХ2501000 External pipe 250x1000 1019 12/12
ПВХ2502000 External pipe 250x2000 1654.32 12/12
ПВХ2503000 External pipe 250x3000 2425.12 12/12
ПВХ2504000 External pipe 250x4000 3180.34 12/12
ПВХ2506000 External pipe 250x6000 4838.72 12/12
ПВХ3151000 External pipe 315x1000 1507.95 6/6
ПВХ3156000 External pipe 315x6000 7172.65 6/6
ПВХ3152000 External pipe 315x2000 2448.23 6/6
ПВХ3153000 External pipe 315x3000 3589 6/6
ПВХ4001000 External pipe 400x1000 2688.45 3/3
ПВХ4002000 External pipe 400x2000 4365.7 3/3
ПВХ4003000 External pipe 400x3000 6400.6 3/3
ПВХ4006000 External pipe 400x6000 12813.6 3/3
ПВХ5003000 External pipe 500x3000 10221.84 2/2
ПВХ5006000 External pipe 500x6000 20354.7 2/2
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SVK-KN50110 Audit (external) 110 113.46 1/10
SVK-KN50160 Revision (external) 160 530.59 1/6
Vendor code Name Price Packing / box Add to Shopping Cart
SVK-KN145008 Ventilation umbrella (Deflector) 110 external 250 1/50
SVK-KN145009 Ventilation umbrella (Deflector) 160 external 500 1/24
Vendor code Name Price Packing / box Add to Shopping Cart
141551 Flextron external pipe 110x500 123.52 1/30
141552 Flextron external pipe 110x1000 220.77 1/10
141553 Flextron external pipe 110x2000 400.25 1/10
141555 Flextron external pipe 110x4000 1111 1/10
141556 Flextron external pipe 110x5000 1362.42 1/10
141557 Flextron external pipe 110x6000 1633.32 1/10
141554 Flextron external pipe 110x3000 602.35 1/10
144273 Flextron external pipe 160x1000 373.03 1/10
144274 Flextron external pipe 160x500 237.9 1/12
144032 Flextron external pipe 160x2000 692.77 1/10
144538 Flextron external pipe 160x3000 989.68 1/10
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PPK 10 0250 Polytron Prokan Coupling 250 1204.32 1/1
PPK 10 0300 Polytron Prokan Coupling 300 2034.69 1/1
PPK 10 0400 Polytron Prokan Coupling 400 3436.43 1/1
PPK 10 0150 Polytron Prokan Coupling 150 538.46 1/1
PPK 10 0200 Polytron Prokan Coupling 200 676.62 1/1
Vendor code Name Price Packing / box Add to Shopping Cart
1100500 External pipe 110x500 153.02 20/20
1101000 External pipe 110x1000 247.91 20/20
1102000 External pipe 110x2000 461.11 20/20
1103000 External pipe 110x3000 680.95 20/20
1105000 External pipe 110x5000 1159.6 20/20
1600500 External pipe 160x500 382.59 10/10
1601000 External pipe 160x1000 534.79 35/35
1602000 External pipe 160x2000 958.68 35/35
1603000 External pipe 160x3000 1410.88 35/35
1605000 External pipe 160x5000 2324.1 35/35
2000500 External pipe 200x500 642.32 8/8
2001000 External pipe 200x1000 880.27 20/20
2002000 External pipe 200x2000 1593.02 20/20
2003000 External pipe 200x3000 2304.46 20/20
2005000 External pipe 200x5000 3835.61 20/20
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SVK-KN70115045 Tee (external) 110/50x45 70.43 1/15
SVK-KN70115087 Tee (external) 110/50x87 70.43 1/15
SVK-KN70111187 Tee (external) 110/110x87 85.09 1/10
SVK-KN70161687 Tee (external) 160/160x87 379.31 1/4
SVK-KN70111145 Tee (external) 110/110x45 103.99 1/7
SVK-KN70161145 Tee (external) 160/110x45 278.24 1/4
SVK-KN70161187 Tee (external) 160/110x90 283.68 1/4
SVK-KN70161645 Tee (external) 160/160x45 395.31 1/4
Vendor code Name Price Packing / box Add to Shopping Cart
SVK-KN40011050 Eccentric transition (external) 110/50 40.24 1/50
SVK-KN40160110 Eccentric transition (external) 160/110 113.46 1/16
Vendor code Name Price Packing / box Add to Shopping Cart
SVK-KN3011045 Tap (external) 110x45 51.06 1/20
SVK-KN3016045 Tap (external) 160x45 189.08 1/6
SVK-KN3016015 Tap (external) 160x15 209.57 5/5
SVK-KN3016087 Tap (external) 160x87 207.99 1/5
SVK-KN3011087 Branch (external) 110x87 51.06 1/15
SVK-KN3011015 Tap (external) 110x15 73.85 30/30
SVK-KN3011030 Tap (external) 110x30 51.06 1/20
SVK-KN3016030 Tap (external) 160x30 257.91 10/10
Vendor code Name Price Packing / box Add to Shopping Cart
SVK-KN10110 Check valve (external) 110 1112.07 1/1
SVK-KN10160 Check valve (external) 160 3246.47 1/1
Vendor code Name Price Packing / box Add to Shopping Cart
SVK-KN21160 Repair coupling (external) 160 168.27 1/8
SVK-KN21110 Repair coupling (external) 110 51.06 1/25
Vendor code Name Price Packing / box Add to Shopping Cart
SVK-KN20100 Double coupling (external) 110 51.06 1/25
SVK-KN20160 Double coupling (external) 160 168.27 1/8
Vendor code Name Price Packing / box Add to Shopping Cart
SVK-KN60160 Plug (external) 160 72.29 1/30
SVK-KN60110 Plug (external) 110 18.93 1/100
Vendor code Name Price Packing / box Add to Shopping Cart
PPK 00 0200 06 Polytron Prokan pipe with coupling SN8 200x6000 7454.27 1/1
PPK 00 0200 03 Polytron Prokan pipe with coupling SN8 200x3000 4099.85 1/1
PPK 00 0200 02 Polytron Prokan pipe with coupling SN8 200x2000 1450 1/1
PPK 00 0150 03 Polytron Prokan pipe with coupling SN8 150x3000 2736.46 1/1
PPK 00 0300 06 Polytron Prokan pipe with coupling SN8 300x6000 15411.78 1/1
PPK 00 0150 06 Polytron Prokan pipe with coupling SN8 150x6000 4560.77 1/1
PPK 00 0250 06 Polytron Prokan pipe with coupling SN8 250x6000 11312.99 1/1
PPK 00 0250 02 Polytron Prokan pipe with coupling SN8 250x2000 2400 1/1
PPK 00 0500 06 Polytron Prokan pipe with coupling SN8 500x6000 21900 1/1
PPK 00 0250 03 Polytron Prokan pipe with coupling SN8 250x3000 6222.15 1/1
PPK 00 0300 03 Polytron Prokan pipe with SN8 300x3000 coupling 8476.48 1/1

Device and features of installation of external Sewerage

When thinking about building a country house, you always need to start with drawing up a project And since everyone wants to live as well as possible, various kinds of amenities are an integral element of any home One of them is the sewer system But it consists not only of pipes that are located inside the house and connect all plumbing equipment A mandatory element of this system is the street sewer

General information about outdoor Sewerage

As already noted, there are two types of Sewerage – internal and external The first consists of pipes connected to the riser External Sewerage consists of collectors located on the street and connected in a single system-from the riser to the place of water discharge To put it more clearly, the external sewer system consists of many collectors United in a single network and designed to discharge feces and other sewage The street sewer is connected to the village collector In terms of structure, the external sewer system consists of several elements-wells, purifiers, and a pipeline Each of these elements has a specific meaning and performs a specific function for it

The main function of outdoor Sewerage is to move waste water and other emissions outside the settlement, which is designed to purify water and the environment After cleaning, it is necessary to check that if wastewater enters the natural environment, its condition does not change

Basic requirements for sewer pipes

When selecting sewer pipes for an external system, it is necessary that they meet certain requirements In particular, it is necessary that these pipes have a relatively low weight, are reliable even with sudden temperature changes, and are practical (that is, they do not require much effort during installation)

Features of cast iron pipes for external Sewerage

Until a few years ago, cast-iron pipes were almost the only material used to make outdoor sewer systems However, the fact is that cast iron, in comparison with other materials, has a lot of disadvantages First of all, they are quite heavy, and also are not able to be used for a long time, since a plaque appears on the inner surface of such a pipe over time, as a result of which its diameter decreases

In addition, cast iron pipes are easy to corrode And given the fact that the external sewer is constantly in interaction with the surrounding air, it is completely impossible to protect yourself from corrosion In addition, cast-iron pipes must somehow be transported from one place to another, which requires specialized equipment Therefore over time cast iron products went out of mass consumption and were replaced by their PVC and polypropylene structures

Advantages of plastic pipes intended for external Sewerage

Compared to cast iron plastic pipes have a lot of advantages They easily tolerate even strong temperature changes, are reliably protected from corrosion and exposure to all kinds of harmful substances In addition, their weight is much less than that of metal pipes, and transportation does not require additional equipment And of course, the service life of plastic pipes is several times longer than that of cast iron

Features of installation of external Sewerage

It is quite possible to lay an external sewer yourself – this does not require any special skills Let's take a closer look at the installation process Its peculiarity is that it takes place in several stages

Features of the external Sewerage project

The project of external Sewerage is the same mandatory element as the project of a residential building If you purchase a standard project or order an individual one during construction, you will not need to create anything additional You can buy materials and start installing the sewer system without any hesitation But some people try to create projects on their own There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, but it is desirable to show the finished project to a specialist The fact is that when preparing a project, you need to take into account a lot of parameters If errors occur it will be extremely difficult to correct them later The place for digging a septic tank must be selected in such a way that sewage can not get into the ground When sewage gets into the basement, too, there is absolutely nothing pleasant In addition, the finished project should provide for the possibility of driving a sewage disposal machine to the site of the pit, since the contents will have to be pumped out periodically

Step-by-step instructions for installing an outdoor sewer system

Step 1 Digging a hole

After the project has received approval from experts, you need to decide whether you will dig a cesspool or install a special container

The depth of the cesspool should be approximately one and a half meters (this is the minimum mark) The main rule is that it should be dug below the freezing level, but it should not approach the ground water When equipping the pit, you need to install 2 rings made of concrete, thanks to which you will prevent the earth from crumbling In the case of using a septic tank, it is recommended to make a small hole at the bottom, through which water will go into the ground The minimum volume that is allowed for a septic tank is about three daily volumes of runoff water, which is drained by all residents of a particular house In addition, a water filtration and purification system should be provided so that it can flow freely into the ground To achieve this goal, it is recommended to install a drainage system that is part of the sewer system When using drains, the water is purified by about 70 percent, which is enough for its removal to the ground

The septic tank should be made in such a way that it is as tight as possible Otherwise, there is an increased risk of outflow of runoff water into the ground, resulting in the latter being polluted And this, in turn, is not only unacceptable from the point of view of ecology, but is also prosecuted by law!

Step 2: insulation of the septic tank

Since the depth of the cesspool must be below the freezing level, if the temperature is too low, putrid bacteria stop their activity All this eventually leads to the fact that the surrounding soil is polluted Since this can not be allowed in any case, it is necessary to equip the septic tank with a material that can retain heat The most suitable in this regard is PENOPLEX, plates of which are installed on the sides

Step 3: digging the trench and installing the pipes directly

The depth of the trench should be about one meter As for the pipes, it is recommended to sprinkle them with sand and cover them with insulation, so that in the event of severe frosts, they do not freeze from the inside

Step 4: Connecting the pipe to the septic tank

At the same time, the connection should not be stationary, since movement is necessary to prevent freezing of the pipe in the winter season Otherwise such a pipe may simply burst and then it will have to be changed The pipe should go into the well in such a way that its end slightly looks out of the pit, but the neck remains inside

In General Sewerage should be provided and carefully thought out at the initial stage of construction To do this, at the beginning of construction, insert an asbestos pipe near the place where the riser will come out After the pipe is brought to the house, it is necessary to connect all internal plumbing and other equipment to it

Step 5: the Final stage

After the pipeline is fully connected, it must be checked before filling in the ground To do this, connect the water at full capacity and see if there is a leak anywhere If you find something non-standard, you need to quickly correct all the identified shortcomings

If your house is two-storeyed or more, then an integral element of the external sewer system is the supply of pipes to the roof It is necessary in order to be able to collect rainwater and remove it to the ground At the same time, the system must be equipped in such a way that further maintenance does not cause any difficulties