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ALTSTREAM is a well-known manufacturer of metal-plastic pipes and the entire range of components for heating and water supply systems Each Alstream pipe consists of several layers of high-quality aluminum and plastic that can withstand maximum temperatures and maximum pressure Not only that, it's a 50-year factory warranty and easy to install In the catalog "SVK-Plast" you can find a wide selection of metal-plastic pipes, the price of which is affordable! 

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021010101 PEX-b 16x2.0 pipe (100 m Bay) 52.8 100/100
021010102 PEX-b 20X2.0 pipe (100 m Bay) 70.4 100/100
021010103 PEX-b 26x3.0 pipe (50 m Bay) 178.78 50/50
021010104 PEX-b 32x3.0 pipe (50 m Bay) 253.82 50/50
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021010201 PEX-b pipe with EVOH 16x2. 0 (100 m Bay) 63.92 100/100
021010204 PEX-b pipe with EVOH 32x3. 0 (50 m Bay) 301.06 50/50
021010203 PEX-b pipe with EVOH 26x3. 0 (50 m Bay) 185.27 50/50
021010202 PEX-b pipe with EVOH 20X2. 0 (100 m Bay) 94.49 100/100
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001010102 Metal-plastic pipe 16x2. 0 (bay200m) 79.35 1/200
001010104 Plastic pipe 26x3. 0 (bay50m) 186.93 1/50
001010105 Plastic pipe 32x3. 0 (bay50m) 239.58 1/50
001010101 Metal-plastic pipe 16x2. 0 (bay100m) 79.35 1/100
001010103 Metal-plastic pipe 20X2. 0 (bay100m) 101.48 1/100
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002020201 MP adapter Coupling 20x16 308.24 12/216
002020203 MP adapter Coupling 26x20 508.91 16/96
002020206 MP adapter Coupling 32x26 895.74 10/60
002020202 MP adapter Coupling 26x16 453.21 24/144
002020205 MP adapter Coupling 32x20 841.57 12/72
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002020103 MP Coupling 26x26 653.88 6/108
002020104 MP Coupling 32x32 1164.31 3/54
002020101 MP Coupling 16x16 222.03 12/216
002020102 MP Coupling 20x20 374.62 12/216
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002020603 MP Coupling NR 20X1/2" 232.71 10/180
002020602 MP Coupling NR 16X3/4" 175.49 12/216
002020607 MP Coupling NR 26x1" 385.31 6/108
002020610 MP Coupling NR 32x1" 721.02 4/72
002020606 MP Coupling NR 26x 3/4" 370.05 6/108
002020601 MP Coupling NR 16x1/2" 138.1 13/234
002020604 MP Coupling NR 20x3/4" 239.58 12/216
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002020404 MP Coupling BP 20x3 / 4" 267.04 8/144
002020402 MP Coupling BP 16X3 / 4" 222.03 12/216
002020410 MP Coupling BP 32x1" 741.62 4/72
002020401 MP Coupling BP 16x1/2" 153.36 13/234
002020407 MP Coupling BP 26x1" 399.04 6/108
002020406 MP Coupling BP 26x 3/4" 356.31 6/108
002020403 MP Coupling BP 20X1/2" 220.5 13/234
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002030103 MP Square 26x26 585.97 6/72
002030101 MP Square 16x16 222.03 20/240
002030102 MP Square 20x20 452.45 11/132
002030104 MP Square 32x32 1206.27 5/40
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002030604 MP Square HP 20x3 / 4 302.9 25/150
002030603 MP Square HP 20X1 / 2 273.91 30/180
002030601 MP Square HP 16x1 / 2 188.46 20/240
002030607 MP Square NR 26x1 397.51 10/60
002030602 MP Square HP 16X3 / 4 256.36 40/240
002030610 MP Square HP 32x1 897.27 10/60
002030606 MP Square NR 26x 3/4 376.15 7/84
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002030406 MP Square BP 26x 3/4 466.94 16/96
002030401 MP Square VR 16x1 / 2 211.35 15/180
002030404 MP Square VR 20x3 / 4 386.07 10/120
002030407 MP Square BP 26x1 600.47 10/60
002030410 MP Square VR 32x1 994.17 10/60
002030403 MP Square VR 20X1 / 2 302.9 30/180
002030402 MP Square VR 16X3 / 4 277.73 30/180
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002030804 MP square with the mount.BP 20x3 / 4 492.12 15/90
002030803 MP square with the mount.BP 20X1 / 2 356.31 25/150
002030801 MP square with the mount.BP 16x1 / 2 249.5 30/180
002030802 MP square with the mount.BP 16X3 / 4 418.88 20/120
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002040204 MP transition Tee 20x20x16 563.84 16/96
002040202 MP transition Tee 20x16x16 526.46 20/120
002040217 MP transition Tee 32x26x32 1664.06 4/24
002040214 MP Tee transition 26x26x20 841.57 10/60
002040209 MP transition Tee 26x16x26 698.13 13/78
002040206 MP transition Tee 20x26x20 752.3 10/60
002040212 MP Tee transition 26x20x26 857.59 6/48
002040216 MP transition Tee 32x20x32 1522.15 4/24
002040211 MP Tee transition 26x20x20 775.19 13/78
002040203 MP transition Tee 20x16x20 560.79 9/72
002040201 MP transition Tee 16x20x16 505.09 20/120
002040215 MP transition Tee 32x16x32 1454.24 4/24
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002031101 MP Tee with three-axis mounting 16x1 / 2 " x16 481.44 13/78
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002040101 MP Tee 16x16x16 334.95 15/120
002040102 MP Tee 20x20x20 592.84 16/96
002040104 MP Tee 32x32x32 1975.36 4/24
002040103 MP Tee 26x26x26 939.99 6/48
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002040304 MP Tee BP 20x3/4x20 538.67 13/78
002040306 MP Tee BP 26x 3/4x26 749.25 8/48
002040310 MP Tee BP 32x1x32 1535.12 4/24
002040307 MP Tee BP 26x1x26 782.82 8/48
002040301 MP Tee BP 16x1/2x16 309.01 25/150
002040303 MP Tee BP 20X1/2x20 501.28 16/96
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002040510 MP Tee NR 32x1x32 1475.61 4/24
002040503 MP Tee NR 20X1/2x20 485.26 10/80
002040507 MP Tee NR 26x1x26 761.46 8/48
002040506 MP Tee NR 26x 3/4x26 653.88 6/48
002040501 MP Tee NR 16x1/2x16 293.75 16/128
002040504 MP Tee NR 20x3/4x20 492.12 16/96
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002050101 MP Krestovina 16 556.21 15/90
002050102 MP Krestovina 20 788.16 10/60
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004020205 MP reduction Coupling 32x20 press 444.82 15/90
004020206 MP reduction Coupling 32x26 press 466.18 6/72
004020203 MP reduction Clutch 26x20 press 288.41 16/96
004020201 MP reduction Clutch 20x16 press 201.43 36/216
004020202 MP reduction Coupling 26x16 press 271.62 16/192
004020204 MP reduction Coupling 32x16 press 382.25 15/90
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004020404 MP Coupling BP 20x3/4 press 187.69 11/198
004020407 MP Coupling BP 26x1 press 320.45 12/144
004020403 MP Coupling BP 20X1 / 2 press 144.97 50/300
004020401 MP Coupling BP 16x1 / 2 press 129.71 50/300
004020402 MP Coupling BP 16X3 / 4 press 184.64 14/252
004020406 MP Coupling BP 26x 3/4 press 244.92 25/150
004020410 MP Coupling BP 32x1 " press 368.52 15/90
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004020610 MP Coupling HP 32x1 " press 457.03 13/78
004020602 MP Coupling HP 16X3 / 4 " press 194.56 45/270
004020607 MP Coupling NR 26x1 " press 373.86 12/144
004020606 MP Coupling NR 26x3 / 4 " press 285.36 12/144
004020601 MP Coupling HP 16x1 / 2 " press 132 16/288
004020603 MP Coupling HP 20X1 / 2 " press 175.49 16/288
004020604 MP Coupling HP 20x3 / 4 " press 205.24 12/216
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004020102 MP Coupling 20 press 199.9 16/192
004020103 MP Coupling 26 press 316.64 7/84
004020101 MP Coupling 16 press 151.83 18/216
004020104 MP Coupling 32 press 450.16 15/90
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004030803 MP Square with mounting BP 20X1 / 2 press 366.23 7/84
004030801 MP Square with mounting BP 16x1 / 2 press 272.38 7/84
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004030402 MP Square transition VR 16X3 / 4 press 309.77 25/150
004030403 MP Square transition VR 20X1 / 2 press 304.43 20/120
004030407 MP Square transition BP 26x1 press 554.69 20/120
004030410 MP Square transition VR 32x1 press 751.54 6/36
004030406 MP Square transition BP 26x 3/4 press 437.95 12/72
004030404 MP Square transition VR 20x3 / 4 press 347.92 10/120
004030401 MP Square transition VR 16x1 / 2 press 202.19 25/150
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004030710 MP Square transition HP 32x1 press 695.08 6/36
004030701 MP Square transition HP 16x1 / 2 press 177.01 25/150
004030704 MP Square transition HP 20x3/4 press 284.59 20/120
004030707 MP Square transition HP 26x1 press 495.18 20/120
004030706 MP Square transition HP 26x 3/4 press 381.49 6/72
004030703 MP Square transition HP 20X1 / 2 press 256.36 10/120
004030702 MP Square transition HP 16X3 / 4 press 250.26 25/150
Vendor code Name Price Packing / box Add to Shopping Cart
004030101 MP Ugolnik 16 press 209.82 12/144
004030103 MP Ugolnik 26 press 468.47 5/60
004030102 MP Ugolnik 20 press 305.19 9/108
004030104 MP Ugolnik 32 press 796.55 6/48
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004040221 MP Tee transition 32x16x32 press 1049.86 4/24
004040229 MP Tee transition 32x26x32 press 1089.54 4/32
004040228 MP Tee transition 32x26x26 press 1054.44 4/24
004040204 MP Tee transition 20x20x16 press 463.89 16/96
004040203 MP Tee transition 20x16x20 press 443.29 8/64
004040201 MP Tee transition 16x20x16 press 450.16 16/96
004040210 MP Tee transition 26x20x16 press 671.42 6/36
004040206 MP Tee transition 20x26x20 press 637.85 16/96
004040202 MP Tee transition 20x16x16 press 412.77 8/64
004040212 MP Tee transition 26x20x26 press 642.43 6/48
004040208 MP Tee transition 26x16x20 press 629.46 6/36
004040214 MP Tee transition 26x26x20 press 682.87 6/48
004040225 MP Tee transition 32x20x32 press 1071.23 4/24
004040224 MP Tee transition 32x20x26 press 1016.29 4/24
004040211 MP Tee transition 26x20x20 press 689.74 6/36
004040231 MP Tee transition 32x32x20 press 1076.57 4/24
004040209 MP Tee transition 26x16x26 press 682.87 6/36
Vendor code Name Price Packing / box Add to Shopping Cart
004040506 MP Tee NR 26x 3/4x26 press 643.19 4/24
004040510 MP Tee HP 32x1x32 press 1034.6 4/24
004040503 MP Tee HP 20X1/2x20 press 405.14 9/72
004040509 MP Tee HP 32x3/4x32 press 994.93 4/24
004040504 MP Tee HP 20x3/4x20 press 476.86 10/60
004040505 MP Tee NR 26x 1/2x26 press 623.36 4/24
004040501 MP Tee HP 16x1/2x16 press 266.28 18/108
004040507 MP Tee NR 26x1x26 press 705 4/24
Vendor code Name Price Packing / box Add to Shopping Cart
004040301 MP Tee BP 16x1/2x16 press 321.22 10/80
004040309 MP Tee BP 32x 3/4x32 press 1007.9 4/24
004040306 MP Tee BP 26x 3/4x26 press 701.18 4/24
004040304 MP Tee BP 20x3/4x20 press 516.54 10/60
004040303 MP Tee BP 20X1/2x20 press 480.68 12/72
004040310 MP Tee BP 32x1x32 press 1061.31 4/24
004040307 MP Tee BP 26x1x26 press 729.41 4/24
004040305 MP Tee BP 26x1/2x26 press 653.11 6/36
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004040103 MP Tee connecting 26x26x26 press 716.44 6/36
004040104 MP Tee connecting 32x32x32 press 1182.62 4/32
004040102 MP Tee connecting 20x20x20 press 473.05 8/64
004040101 MP Tee connecting 16x16x16 press 318.16 9/72


Metal-plastic pipes

Metal-plastic pipes are used to install long-lasting pipelines in water supply and heating systems If you want to install Underfloor heating in an apartment, house or industrial premises where water heating will be used, we recommend that you use only Altstream products  Metal-plastic pipe is a unique multi-layer structure It consists of several protective shells made of polyethylene and aluminum tube These layers are bonded together with a special compound The thickness of the pipe can be different But, most often, each of the polyethylene components is from 1 to 1.5 mm Aluminum tube does not exceed 0.8 mm The adhesive layer is very thin It ranges from 0.01 to 0.03 mm

By purchasing a metal-plastic pipe from Altstream in TD Stroy Service, You can be sure that it will not be subjected to corrosion chips, does not rust and is completely impermeable to oxygen At the same time, you can mount the pipeline of any length. for ease of use, the pipes are supplied in coils of 100 and 200 m If you compare a metal-plastic pipe with a polypropylene one, the coefficient of thermal expansion is much lower It also benefits in temperature loads, so you can install it in hot water systems without worrying about it bursting or cracking In installation, these pipes are quite plastic, they bend perfectly Therefore, you can create even the most bizarre designs from them, without fear of breaking them They do not tolerate mechanical loads and direct sunlight If you plan to install a metal-plastic pipe from a well to a private house, be sure to bury it in a trench Even if it is small, it will provide both thermal insulation and protection from mechanical and UV influences

The working pressure of this type of pipe is up to 10 atmospheres It can be operated at temperatures from 0 to + 95 degrees Celsius The warranty period is 50 years

The range of metal plastic pipes and fittings from Altstream at TD Stroy Service is really amazing Therefore, there is a huge variety of their trade designations Now we will look at those of them that are most often found on our market The abbreviation of the designation is given with a description of the material used in the manufacture The most popular is PEX-AI-PEX, which is made from 2 layers of cross-linked polyethylene and aluminum Next in demand is PERT-AI-PEHD It uses heat-resistant polyethylene, aluminum and high-density polyethylene Also worth mentioning is PEX-EVOH It uses cross-linked polyethylene and an anti-diffusion layer, which is a kind of oxygen barrier

Two polyethylene layers in metal-plastic pipes do not have to be identical Various combinations are possible: the outer protective layer is made of ordinary polyethylene, and the inner working layer is made of mesh polyethylene (for example, PEX-AL-PE) A gas-tight shell is created using an aluminum tape, which is given a cylindrical shape by rolling in rollers Aluminum tape is used in the manufacture of pipes of greater width than the circumference of the shell   It turns out to overlap, it is welded using ultrasonic or laser technology, making the sealed tube almost infinite The longitudinal seam also strengthens the pipe It is also possible to use a technology where the edges of the tape are butt-welded The aluminum shell in each pipe is located in the middle The REX construction is characterized by high strength and resistance even to high temperature conditions Therefore, it is ideal for hot water supply But, unfortunately, it can not be welded due to the fact that the plant was made cross-linking linear molecules of polyethylene Therefore, in order to mount the pipeline, you must use a crimp fitting

Altstream has a slogan that they are unquestioningly loyal to For them, quality is always above all else That is why if you buy these metal-plastic pipes, they will work perfectly even under the influence of high temperatures They are also not afraid of high working pressures They will serve you for a long time without any malfunctions It is also worth noting that they are not subject to corrosion and are resistant to chemical reagents There is almost no roughness, so the pressure loss during transportation is minimal A layer of high-quality aluminum does not allow oxygen to penetrate inside It also makes the coefficient of linear expansion minimal

PE-X plastic pipe is a structure made of cross-linked polyethylene It is practically immune to direct UV rays It is also quite plastic, but it can restore its original shape You can mount it either on top or in concrete

PE-Xb cross-linked polyethylene pipe is used for hot and cold water supply It works at temperatures up to 95 degrees Celsius The operating pressure of its use is no more than 10 atmospheres

PE-Xb cross-linked polyethylene pipe with a unique EVOH oxygen barrier is used in hot and cold water supply, heating or Underfloor heating systems The material for it is cross-linked polyethylene with a unique outer layer that does not allow oxygen to penetrate inside All products meet the standards of GOST R 53630-2009



Fittings for connecting metal-plastic pipes are compression and press fittings In the first case, they are crimped and do not require expensive equipment during installation Press fittings or all-in-one structures are installed using press tongs

Metal plastic pipes are connected to each other best by means of collet fittings They create a strong, reliable connection that will last for a long time This type of installation can be called the simplest, since it requires a minimum set of auxiliary equipment Such a connection is considered collapsible In order for it to work without problems, you need to periodically tighten the cap nut

Collet fittings are made of high quality brass They have a fairly high level of rust resistance Excellent strength is provided by using the hot stamping method in production The design has two o-rings, a sealed gasket and a collet

On the packaging of each fitting, installation instructions and full product labeling are painted

Press fittings of Altstream TM, which you can buy from TD Stroy Service, will serve for installation of pipelines, their connection and installation of various plumbing equipment This mount is considered non-removable In other words, it can be called a one-time service Properly installed press fittings are absolutely reliable They are installed by using impact tools Thanks to their robust construction, they can be rolled up in concrete and used in screed Among the design features of the system, it is worth noting the housing It is made of high-quality brass, and after processing is covered with a layer of Nickel Therefore, it resists rust perfectly and has high strength

Independent replacement of pipes in the apartment

 The question of replacing communications in an apartment arises as an indispensable attribute when carrying out repairs or a high degree of deterioration of pipelines

   Pipelines laid during Soviet construction (and sometimes even now) are made mainly with metal pipes They are laid openly, have an unattractive appearance, are highly susceptible to destruction by corrosion, and significant deposits form on their inner surface, which prevent the normal movement of water and heat carrier

   Another option for replacing pipelines is the desire to change the type of material, the method of laying (open to closed) The cost of replacing pipelines together with the cost of purchasing new materials is sometimes a substantial amount Therefore, many apartment owners have a natural need to carry out this type of repair on their own, that is, with their own hands

   It is worth noting that not all types of pipelines can be installed independently An important aspect is the correct selection of the purpose of the new pipeline - cold or hot water supply or heating For the Assembly and installation of certain types of materials, you must have special equipment and at least initial installation skills, and sometimes professional ones

   Installation of copper pipelines requires a special burner and highly professional installation skills When working with polypropylene pipes, you will need a special welding machine (soldering iron), in addition, you need an initial level of installation skills

   Self-Assembly of any pipeline system implies the availability of the necessary tools for installation (adjustable, spanners and Bako keys, as well as screwdrivers, hacksaws, screwdrivers, USM ("grinder"), puncher and much more) You need to be able to properly mark up, because for each type of pipeline, this process has its own characteristics

   To carry out the work, it is necessary to carry out preparatory measures - to organize the disconnection of communications, as well as their release from water and heat carrier However, the same set of training will be required for the work of a hired team

   The simplest pipeline systems that allow for self-replacement of pipes are metal-plastic and polyethylene structures with threaded fittings No special skills are required to build them However, pipelines of this type can only be laid in an open way because of the need for access to fittings for maintenance

 Types of fittings used for connecting all-in-one structures

 If the main elements are all-in-one, they are also connected using the following fitting options:

 - compression or crimp;

- the connection of which is carried out by welding or by capillary method;

- press-fitting

 Welding for connecting brass fittings to a pipe is rarely used due to the fact that this requires special equipment, as well as the appropriate experience of the master A more common option for connecting such structures is capillary soldering, the essence of which is based on connecting the fitting to the threaded base of the pipe This type of connection provides greater tightness and is almost guaranteed to prevent leaks

 One of the most common ways to connect non-removable elements with fittings is the pressing method It does not require any equipment other than the usual key for fittings Using this method allows you to ensure the reliability and strength of the structure, and therefore this connection should be periodically inspected for various types of defects that can lead to leakage

 One of the newest and at the same time very popular is the press fitting It consists of several elements – a connecting ring, a plastic insert, etc.d, and is used for connecting all-in-one structures

 Installation of fittings of this type is carried out using specialized press tools They can be manually operated or electrically operated The only drawback of these types of elements is that they can only be used at a certain temperature This is explained by the fact that one of their main components are special inserts that begin to break down when the temperature is exceeded