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Compression fittings

SVK fittings, a reliable solution for the organization of drinking and technical water supply systems
Advantages of SVK compression fittings:
Wide range of connecting elements: The clutch transitions to the threads, ball valves and seats
Quality material PPR 100
Durability - 50 years of service
Convenient design that allows you to use the fitting repeatedly
Reliability, operating pressure PN16
It does not require special skills and expensive tools for installation

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SVK-PE00Z020 SVK PE Plug 20 26.09 20/640
SVK-PE00Z025 SVK PE Plug 25 34.63 10/390
SVK-PE00Z032 SVK PE Plug 32 54.55 5/240
SVK-PE00Z040 SVK PE Plug 40 85.16 10/150
SVK-PE00Z050 SVK PE Plug 50 142.33 1/84
SVK-PE00Z063 SVK PE Plug 63 230.09 1/56
SVK-PE00Z075 SVK PE Plug 75 403.26 1/28
SVK-PE00Z110 SVK PE Plug 110 877.67 1/10
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SVK-PE00MF2015 SVK PE Coupling VR 20X1/2 27.28 30/600
SVK-PE00MF2020 SVK PE Coupling VR 20x3/4 27.28 20/560
SVK-PE00MF2515 SVK PE Coupling VR 25x1/2 34.4 15/360
SVK-PE00MF2520 SVK PE Coupling VR 25x3/4 34.4 15/360
SVK-PE00MF2525 SVK PE Coupling BP 25x1 35.58 13/325
SVK-PE00MF3215 SVK PE Coupling VR 32x1/2 54.56 10/240
SVK-PE00MF3220 SVK PE Coupling VR 32x3/4 54.56 15/210
SVK-PE00MF3225 SVK PE Coupling BP 32x1 54.56 10/210
SVK-PE00MF3232 SVK PE Coupling BP 32x1 1/4 66.42 15/210
SVK-PE00MF4025 SVK PE Coupling VR 40X1 75.91 10/140
SVK-PE00MF4032 SVK PE Coupling BP 40X1 1/4 75.91 10/130
SVK-PE00MF4040 SVK PE Coupling BP 40X1 1/2 83.02 10/120
SVK-PE00MF5032 SVK PE Coupling BP 50x1 1/4 128.09 1/80
SVK-PE00MF5040 SVK PE Coupling BP 50x1 1/2 128.09 1/80
SVK-PE00MF5050 SVK PE Coupling VR 50x2 142.33 1/80
SVK-PE00MF6350 SVK PE Coupling VR 63x2 218.23 1/46
SVK-PE00MF1010 SVK PE Coupling VR 110x4 880.6 1/8
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SVK-PE02K1515 SVK Ball valve BP / BP 1/2 x 1/2 71.21 20/280
SVK-PE02K2020 SVK Ball valve BP/BP 3/4 x 3/4 110.94 10/180
SVK-PE02K2525 SVK Ball valve BP/BP 1 x 1 177.91 10/120
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SVK-PE01K2015 SVK PE Ball valve coupling-nar. res. 20x1/2 90.7 15/180
SVK-PE01K2520 SVK PE Ball valve coupling-nar. res. 25x3/4 141.67 10/120
SVK-PE01K3232 SVK PE Ball valve coupling-nar. res. 32x1 221.12 5/80
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SVK-PE03K2015 SVK PE Ball valve coupling-ext. res. 20 x 1/2 89.2 15/200
SVK-PE03K2520 SVK PE Ball valve coupling-ext. res. 25 x 3/4 127.43 10/120
SVK-PE03K3225 SVK PE Ball valve coupling-ext. res. 32x1 196.39 5/80
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SVK-PE00K0020 SVK PE Ball valve connecting 20x20 109.44 10/160
SVK-PE00K0025 SVK PE Ball valve connecting 25x25 158.16 6/90
SVK-PE00K0032 SVK PE Ball valve connecting 32x32 245.86 3/70
SVK-PE00K0040 SVK PE Ball valve connecting 40x40 580.92 1/48
SVK-PE00K0050 SVK PE Ball valve connecting 50x50 535.94 1/28
SVK-PE00K0063 SVK PE Ball valve connecting 63x63 907.73 1/15
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SVK-PE00TP2520 SVK PE Tee transition 25x20x25 83.02 10/140
SVK-PE00TP3220 SVK PE transition Tee 32x20x32 118.6 6/90
SVK-PE00TP3225 SVK PE transition Tee 32x25x32 123.35 6/84
SVK-PE00TP4025 SVK PE transition Tee 40x25x40 189.77 4/52
SVK-PE00TP4032 SVK PE transition Tee 40x32x40 204 4/48
SVK-PE00TP5032 SVK PE transition Tee 50x32x50 308.37 1/30
SVK-PE00TP5040 SVK PE transition Tee 50x40x50 308.37 1/27
SVK-PE00TP6332 SVK PE transition Tee 63x32x63 479.16 1/17
SVK-PE00TP6340 SVK PE transition Tee 63x40x63 498.14 1/17
SVK-PE00TP6350 SVK PE transition Tee 63x50x63 574.04 1/17
SVK-PE00TP7550 SVK PE transition Tee 75x50x75 818.37 1/9
SVK-PE00TP7563 SVK PE transition Tee 75x63x75 842.09 1/9
SVK-PE00TP9063 SVK PE transition Tee 90x63x90 1304.65 1/4
SVK-PE00TP1090 SVK PE transition Tee 110x90x110 2253.49 1/3
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SVK-PE00TM2015 SVK PE Tee NR 20X1/2x20 49.81 10/280
SVK-PE00TM2020 SVK PE Tee NR 20x3/4x20 49.81 10/260
SVK-PE00TM2515 SVK PE Tee NR 25x1/2x25 66.42 10/160
SVK-PE00TM2520 SVK PE Tee NR 25x3/4x25 66.42 10/160
SVK-PE00TM2525 SVK PE Tee NR 25x1x25 66.42 10/160
SVK-PE00TM3215 SVK PE Tee NR 32x1/2x32 106.74 8/88
SVK-PE00TM3220 SVK PE Tee NR 32x3/4x32 106.74 8/88
SVK-PE00TM3225 SVK PE Tee NR 32x1x32 106.74 8/88
SVK-PE00TM4025 SVK PE Tee NR 40x1x40 161.3 4/64
SVK-PE00TM4032 SVK PE Tee NR 40X1 1/4x40 161.3 4/64
SVK-PE00TM5032 SVK PE Tee NR 50x 1 1/4x50 260.93 1/35
SVK-PE00TM5040 SVK PE Tee NR 50x 1 1/2x50 260.93 1/35
SVK-PE00TM5050 SVK PE Tee NR 50x2x50 260.93 1/35
SVK-PE00TM6350 SVK PE Tee NR 63x2x63 438.84 1/18
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SVK-PE00TF2015 SVK PE Tee BP 20X1/2x20 52.19 10/280
SVK-PE00TF2025 SVK PE Tee BP 20x3/4x20 52.19 10/280
SVK-PE00TF2515 SVK PE Tee BP 25x1/2x25 71.16 10/180
SVK-PE00TF2520 SVK PE Tee BP 25x3/4x25 71.16 10/180
SVK-PE00TF2525 SVK PE Tee BP 25x1x25 71.16 10/160
SVK-PE00TF3215 SVK PE Tee VR 32x1/2x32 111.49 8/96
SVK-PE00TF3220 SVK PE Tee BP 32x3/4x32 111.49 8/96
SVK-PE00TF3225 SVK PE Tee BP 32x1x32 111.49 8/88
SVK-PE00TF4025 SVK PE Tee BP 40x1x40 166.05 4/60
SVK-PE00TF4032 SVK PE Tee BP 40X1 1/4x40 177.91 1/60
SVK-PE00TF5025 SVK PE Tee BP 50x1x50 284.65 1/35
SVK-PE00TF5032 SVK PE Tee VR 50x1 1/4x50 284.65 1/35
SVK-PE00TF5042 SVK PE Tee VR 50x1 1/2x50 284.65 1/35
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SVK-PE00T0020 SVK PE Tee 20x20x20 64.05 15/195
SVK-PE00T0025 SVK PE Tee 25x25x25 88 10/110
SVK-PE00T0032 SVK PE Tee 32x32x32 135.21 4/76
SVK-PE00T0040 SVK PE Tee 40x40x40 204.23 4/44
SVK-PE00T0050 SVK PE Tee 50x50x50 332.09 1/27
SVK-PE00T0063 SVK PE Tee 63x63x63 572.85 1/17
SVK-PE00T0090 SVK PE Tee 90x90x90 1613.02 1/5
SVK-PE00T0110 SVK PE Tee 110x110x110 2609.3 1/2
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SVK-PE00LM2015 SVK PE Branch NR 20X1/2 28.47 20/520
SVK-PE00LM2020 SVK PE Branch NR 20x3/4 30.84 20/520
SVK-PE00LM2515 SVK PE Branch NR 25x1/2 42.7 13/325
SVK-PE00LM2520 SVK PE Branch NR 25x3/4 42.7 25/325
SVK-PE00LM2525 SVK PE Branch NR 25x1 42.7 10/250
SVK-PE00LM3220 SVK PE Branch NR 32x3/4 66.42 10/210
SVK-PE00LM3225 SVK PE Branch NR 32x1 66.42 10/180
SVK-PE00LM3232 SVK PE Branch NR 32x 1 1/4 68.79 5/165
SVK-PE00LM4025 SVK PE Branch NR 40X1 94.88 5/110
SVK-PE00LM4032 SVK PE Branch NR 40X1 1/4 94.88 10/110
SVK-PE00LM4032 SVK PE Branch NR 40X1 1/2 94.88 8/96
SVK-PE00LM5032 SVK PE Branch NR 50x1 1/4 154.19 1/70
SVK-PE00LM5040 SVK PE Branch NR 50x1 1/2 154.19 1/70
SVK-PE00LM5050 SVK PE Branch NR 50x2 154.19 1/70
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SVK-PE00LF2015 SVK PE Branch BP 20X1/2 33.21 20/520
SVK-PE00LF2020 SVK PE Branch BP 20x3 / 4 33.21 40/480
SVK-PE00LF2515 SVK PE Branch BP 25x1/2 45.07 13/325
SVK-PE00LF2520 SVK PE Branch BP 25x3 / 4 45.07 13/325
SVK-PE00LF2525 SVK PE Branch BP 25x1 45.07 10/260
SVK-PE00LF3220 SVK PE Branch BP 32x3/4 71.16 10/180
SVK-PE00LF3225 SVK PE Branch BP 32x1 75.91 10/160
SVK-PE00LF4025 SVK PE Branch BP 40X1 106.74 8/96
SVK-PE00LF4032 SVK PE Branch BP 40X1 1/4 106.74 8/96
SVK-PE00LF5032 SVK PE Branch BP 50x1 1/4 166.05 1/65
SVK-PE00LF5040 SVK PE Branch BP 50x1 1/2 166.05 1/65
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SVK-PE00L2020 SVK PE branch 20x20 42.7 25/325
SVK-PE00L2525 SVK PE Branch 25x25 59.3 15/180
SVK-PE00L4040 SVK PE Branch 40x40 142.33 6/72
SVK-PE00L3232 SVK PE Branch 32x32 94.88 8/112
SVK-PE00L6363 SVK PE Branch 63x63 379.53 1/20
SVK-PE00L7575 SVK PE Branch 75x75 759.07 1/10
SVK-PE00L9090 SVK PE Branch 90x90 1114.88 1/6
SVK-PE00L9090 SVK PE Branch 110x110 1873.95 1/3
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SVK-PE00M0020 SVK PE Coupling 20 40.33 15/330
SVK-PE00M0025 SVK PE Coupling 25 56.93 15/210
SVK-PE00M0032 SVK PE Coupling 32 85.4 10/120
SVK-PE00M0040 SVK PE Coupling 40 122.15 6/84
SVK-PE00M0050 SVK PE Coupling 50 208.74 1/50
SVK-PE00M0063 SVK PE Coupling 63 357.05 1/28
SVK-PE00M0075 SVK PE Coupling 75 640.47 1/16
SVK-PE00M0075 SVK PE Coupling 90 984.42 1/8
SVK-PE00M0110 SVK PE Coupling 110 1494.42 1/5
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SVK-PE00MP2520 SVK PE coupling transition 25x20 56.93 20/240
SVK-PE00MP3220 SVK PE coupling adapter 32x20 80.65 10/180
SVK-PE00MP2525 SVK PE coupling adapter 32x25 80.65 10/160
SVK-PE00MP4025 SVK PE coupling adapter 40x25 99.63 10/110
SVK-PE00MP4032 SVK PE coupling adapter 40x32 109.12 8/88
SVK-PE00MP5032 SVK PE coupling adapter 50x32 170.79 1/70
SVK-PE00MP5040 SVK PE coupling adapter 50x40 194.51 1/60
SVK-PE00MP6332 SVK PE coupling adapter 63x32 260.93 1/40
SVK-PE00MP6340 SVK PE coupling adapter 63x40 272.79 1/40
SVK-PE00MP6350 SVK PE coupling adapter 63x50 289.4 1/30
SVK-PE00MP7550 SVK PE coupling transition 75x50 498.14 1/18
SVK-PE00MP7563 SVK PE coupling transition 75x63 533.72 1/18
SVK-PE00MP9063 SVK PE coupling transition 90x63 702.14 1/10
SVK-PE00MP1090 SVK PE coupling adapter 110x90 1257.21 1/6
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SVK-PE00MM2015 SVK PE Coupling NR 20X1/2 23.72 30/600
SVK-PE00MM2020 SVK PE Coupling NR 20x3/4 23.72 30/600
SVK-PE00MM2515 SVK PE Coupling NR 25x1/2 33.21 20/360
SVK-PE00MM2520 SVK PE Coupling NR 25x3/4 33.21 20/360
SVK-PE00MM2525 SVK PE Coupling NR 25x1 33.21 15/330
SVK-PE00MM3215 SVK PE Coupling NR 32x1/2 49.81 10/240
SVK-PE00MM3220 SVK PE Coupling NR 32x3/4 51 10/240
SVK-PE00MM3225 SVK PE Coupling NR 32x1 52.19 10/210
SVK-PE00MM3232 SVK PE Coupling NR 32x1 1/4 64.05 10/210
SVK-PE00MM4025 SVK PE Coupling NR 40X1 71.16 5/130
SVK-PE00MM4032 SVK PE Coupling NR 40X1 1/4 71.16 10/130
SVK-PE00MM4040 SVK PE Coupling NR 40X1 1/2 83.02 10/130
SVK-PE00MM5032 SVK PE Coupling NR 50x1 1/4 123.35 1/80
SVK-PE00MM5040 SVK PE Coupling NR 50x1 1/2 123.35 1/80
SVK-PE00MM5050 SVK PE Coupling NR 50x2 130.47 1/80
SVK-PE00MM6350 SVK PE Coupling NR 63x2 213.49 1/46
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SVK-PE04K1515 SVK Ball valve HP/VR 1/2x1/2 71.96 20/280
SVK-PE04K2020 SVK Ball valve HP/VR 3/4x3/4 118.43 5/180
SVK-PE04K2525 SVK Ball valve HP/VR 1x1 137.17 5/120
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SVK-PE00S2515 SVK Saddle (mounting bolt) 25x 1/2 53.22 20/320
SVK-PE00S2520 SVK Saddle (mounting bolt) 25x3/4 58.47 20/300
SVK-PE00S3215 SVK Saddle (mounting bolt) 32x1/2 56.22 20/300
SVK-PE00S3220 SVK Saddle (mounting bolt) 32x3/4 56.22 20/300
SVK-PE00S4015 SVK Saddle (mounting bolt) 40x1/2 68.21 12/180
SVK-PE00S4020 SVK Saddle (mounting bolt) 40x3/4 70.46 6/180
SVK-PE00S4025 SVK Saddle (mounting bolt) 40x1 80.95 6/180
SVK-PE00S5015 SVK Saddle (mounting bolt) 50x 1/2 113.93 5/140
SVK-PE00S5020 SVK Saddle (mounting bolt) 50x 3/4 113.93 5/140
SVK-PE00S5025 SVK Saddle (mounting bolt) 50x1 113.93 5/140
SVK-PE00S6315 SVK Saddle (mounting bolt) 63x 1/2 122.18 5/120
SVK-PE00S6320 SVK Saddle (mounting bolt) 63x 3/4 122.18 5/120
SVK-PE00S6325 SVK Saddle (mounting bolt) 63x1 122.18 5/120
SVK-PE00S6332 SVK Saddle (mounting bolt) 63x1 1/4 134.17 5/90
SVK-PE00S6340 SVK Saddle (mounting bolt) 63x1 1/2 135.67 5/90
SVK-PE00S7515 SVK Saddle (mounting bolt) 75x 1/2 166.05 5/80
SVK-PE00S7520 SVK Saddle (mounting bolt) 75x 3/4 146.17 5/80
SVK-PE00S7525 SVK Saddle (mounting bolt) 75x1 146.17 5/80
SVK-PE00S7532 SVK Saddle (mounting bolt) 75x1 1/4 174.65 3/54
SVK-PE00S9015 SVK Saddle (mounting bolt) 90x 1/2 174.65 5/70
SVK-PE00S9020 SVK Saddle (mounting bolt) 90x 3/4 174.65 5/70
SVK-PE00S9025 SVK Saddle (mounting bolt) 90x1 174.65 5/70
SVK-PE00S9032 SVK Saddle (mounting bolt) 90x1 1/4 221.87 3/45
SVK-PE00S9040 SVK Saddle (mounting bolt) 90x1 1/2 221.87 3/45
SVK-PE00S9050 SVK Saddle (mounting bolt) 90x2 221.87 2/45
SVK-PE00S1015 SVK Saddle (mounting bolt) 110x 1/2 230.12 3/54
SVK-PE00S1020 SVK Saddle (mounting bolt) 110x 3/4 230.12 3/54
SVK-PE00S1025 SVK Saddle (mounting bolt) 110x1 230.12 3/54
SVK-PE00S1032 SVK Saddle (mounting bolt) 110x1 1/4 248.11 2/36
SVK-PE00S1040 SVK Saddle (mounting bolt) 110x1 1/2 248.11 2/36
SVK-PE00S1050 SVK Saddle (mounting bolt) 110x2 248.11 2/36
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SVK-PE-KEY01 SVK Key for HDPE fittings 20-75 350 1/100

Crimp fittings connect PE pipes when assembling water supply communications for various purposes They are also widely used in irrigation systems, in the equipment of sewer communications, heating systems HDPE fittings securely connect pipes (without the possibility of leakage) with a diameter of 20 to 110 mm They can withstand a maximum working pressure of 1.6 MPa
General information

Compression fittings have gained well-deserved fame and popularity due to the simplicity and reliability of the connection They are easy to assemble by hand, do not require special tools and equipment, professional skills, qualifications and experience during the operation
For the arrangement of water supply or plumbing lines, polyethylene pipes are most often used, for which HDPE fittings are used The use of crimp connecting elements makes it possible to construct a highway of the desired configuration, make turns and branches

There are direct connecting elements that serve for pipes of the same diameter, and transition elements - for joining pipes of different cross-sections

The connecting structure

Connecting structures are divided into:

  1. Welding The connection is made using a welding machine
  1. Welded The coupling is created by an electric current that warms the coupling, ensuring a reliable connection
  2. Compressive Collapsible structures, the connection density of which is created by dense rubber gaskets


Part of the fitting

The crimping (compression) fitting consists of:

  • housing, which is a limiter for entering the pipe inside the connecting device The case has an external thread and a lock;
  • o-ring made of rubber, which can be round or conical in shape, depending on the modification of the fitting;
  • the thrust ring (or thrust bearing) It is used to fix the joint;
  • collet-a pressing sleeve that protects against the destructive effects of high pressure;
  • clamping nut with internal thread The cap nut covers the connection point


In the production of fittings, a modern material is used that can withstand pressure from 10 to 16 Bar

The advantages of fittings

Proper installation of HDPE fittings will ensure reliable connection of pipes

The main advantages of the fittings:

  • easy installation (and disassembly) that does not require special skills and qualifications;
  • no need to use special tools and equipment;
  • multiple use The connection does not lose its reliability during repeated Assembly and disassembly (about ten times);
  • corrosion resistance provided by materials that do not react with water;
  • safety and hygiene, allowing the use of structures on water pipes that supply drinking water


Building communications
Installation is performed using the following types of fittings:

  1. Coupling for pipes of the same cross-section Designed for reliable connection of pipes with the same cross section
  2. Transition couplings Ensure reliable connection of pipes with different diameters
  3. Couplings with internal or external thread output
  4. HDPE tees that provide a transition to internal or external threads Firmly connect the pipes to the main elements of a different size or the same diameter as the pipe
  5. Equilateral tees for 90 °C branch line
  6. Taps that allow system elements to switch to external or internal threads
  7. 90 °C pipe bends The most popular products also include bends for bending communications at 45 °C and 66 °C
  8. Compression flanges They allow you to switch from a PE pipe to a flange for further installation of a steel element, as well as switch to a steel or cast-iron gate valve, or a crane, the connection method of which is a flange
  9. Saddles Installed on top of the pipeline Then holes are drilled using a drill to install cranes
  10. Plugs Designed to "clog" a specific area


Stages of installation using compression fittings

The pipes are connected as follows:

  • the connecting element is disassembled into parts;
  • preparation of the attached section using a sharp object (a knife or a special Stripping device in the form of a funnel), which removes the chamfer from the end of the pipe Using the built-in sharp cleaning blade, the end face is rounded, which eliminates damage to the rubber o-ring during installation;
  • first, the clamping nut is put on the pipe, then the collet clamping plug and the clamping ring;
  • the rubber sealing ring (just an elastic band, gasket or oil seal) is inserted into place - in a special groove inside the body of the connecting fitting;
  • the prepared structure is inserted into the coupling housing up to the preliminary mark indicating the insertion depth;
  • the pipe must fully enter the oil seal, this factor will ensure a reliable sealed connection, eliminating leaks;
  • the clamping nut is tightened until it stops And the effort of the hand is enough for a stable puff For better fixation, a compression wrench, similar to a spanner, is used The key is used if you need to twist dozens of connections (so as not to RUB your hands to calluses)


Types of connecting fittings


SVK compression coupling
Connects pipes of the same cross-section in water supply and Sewerage systems, as well as when pumping liquid chemicals and cable insulation


The material used is environmentally friendly, durable, resistant to high and low temperatures polypropylene Plastic is not subject to corrosion, it is able to expand when water freezes inside the coupling, and then take the same size Resistant to direct sunlight



It is used for connecting PE pipes of different diameters used in water supply systems for various purposes, Sewerage, irrigation, irrigation, heating

The distinctive characteristics of the transition couplings of the ICS are: excellent quality together with low price, lightness and ease of Assembly, simple to use The use of special equipment, tools, skills and professional experience during installation is not required The entire process takes no more than 15 minutes


Coupling with external thread outlet

Couplings from the company SVK (Russian production) are made from primary raw materials This is a great alternative to foreign crimp couplings Distinctive advantages: high indicators of technical and operational qualities, low price range They are used in water supply communications for technical and drinking purposes Withstand internal pressure up to 16 atmospheres The warranty period of operation without loss of original characteristics is more than 20 years


Couplings with internal thread output

Use for connecting pipes to other elements of the main line that have an external thread (adapters, ball valves), as well as for switching to shut-off valves made of steel or cast iron (gate valve or tap) They are characterized by low cost, high quality, excellent characteristics, and can withstand a pressure of about 1.6 MPa


Compression square (tap)

It is used for turning the pipeline when laying communications Russian SVK branches have clear advantages over their foreign counterparts, one of which is low prices that exclude the cost of customs clearance and logistics Excellent technical characteristics and excellent performance are inherent in polypropylene-the material used in the manufacture of products


The withdrawal of ICS with external thread

Designed for installation of pipelines operated at a pressure of up to 16 ATM The SVK tap thread corresponds to the standard parameters of the steel thread, which allows them to be used together with other compression elements


The withdrawal of ICS with internal thread

Designed for transition from a steel fitting The parameters of the tap thread, as well as in the case of taps with external threads, correspond to the standard parameters of the steel fitting The tap is made of high-quality and high-strength material, which guarantees stable stability and tightness when working under a pressure of 16 ATM


Equilateral tee SVK

Designed for joining pipes of the same diameter in irrigation, irrigation, water supply, Sewerage systems, as well as for pumping liquid chemicals that do not destroy the polyethylene material

Equilateral tee SVK is resistant to chemicals, ultraviolet radiation Unlike imported analogues, it is characterized by a low price, high strength Withstands pressure up to 16 ATM, easy and quick to install Designed for multiple use
It is perfectly combined with all polyethylene water pipes It is indispensable when installing seasonal devices for irrigation or irrigation At the end of the season it is easy to understand Each time you use it again, you must replace the rubber seal to ensure a reliable seal


Connecting tee manufactured by SVK

The SVK connecting transition tee is designed for branching the pipeline system Moreover, at the point where the tee is attached, a branch with a smaller diameter is attached to the pipe of a larger cross-section
Domestic products have preferential characteristics over foreign analogues It is used in the construction of irrigation and irrigation facilities for both the private and industrial sectors Simple to use It does not require additional installation equipment or tools, as well as special professional knowledge and experience
Operating pressure-up to 16 atmospheres The material is resistant to high and low temperature ranges, moisture and direct sunlight Compared with imported similar products, it has a low cost, which does not negatively affect the high quality


Tee with access to the external thread of the SVK

The domestic industry offers high-quality SVK tees with external threads, which are designed for pipeline systems operating under a pressure of no more than 16 atmospheres They are purchased for the construction and installation of irrigation and irrigation systems in private and industrial farms, for the construction of fountains, and for the construction of swimming pools

Tee with internal thread outlet

Compression fitting SVK of this modification is used in the creation of water mains for both drinking water supply and transportation of water for technical needs These are irrigation and irrigation systems that are widely used in agriculture, greenhouses, dachas, and country houses

The internal thread of the tee corresponds to the standard thread of steel products, so that for branching the pipeline system, you can use a steel or plastic fitting, ball valve, and other metal elements at this point of the node


Compression plug for PE pipes

The connecting element is used for hermetically sealing the pipe in the event of an accident, as well as during the construction of a pipeline with a temporary "blind" section The product material is resistant to UV rays and chemical reagents Due to this, the plugs are widely used in systems of technical and drinking water supply, irrigation and irrigation, Sewerage and pumping of liquid chemicals that do not destroy HDPE The plug is used for plugging pipes during the repair of communications and during the installation of new highways

The main characteristics of the compression plug: diameter-from 20 to 110 mm, is able to contain pressure from 10 to 16 atmospheres, the temperature of the transported liquid - from 20 °C to 45 °C
At its core, the plug is a clip with one blind side, which contributes to the tight connection of the fitting with the pipe The connecting element is compact and ergonomic, has excellent anti-corrosion properties, and performs a protective function: it prevents dirt from entering the pipeline system The plug consists of a housing, a compression ring and an o-ring In its production, a high-quality polymer is used, which can serve for more than one decade without losing its original performance characteristics


Saddle on the pipe

The saddle is often called a yoke The part consists of two halves, each of which compresses the pipe from its side The seat is designed for tapping into the pipeline of a secondary branch, without violating its integrity

The process is as follows: a hole is drilled in the pipe for a branch of the desired diameter, a compression seat is fixed, one of the halves of which is equipped with a threaded tap Thanks to the thread, you can quickly and easily mount the necessary node by attaching a ball valve, coupling, tee
The tie-in place is equipped with a rubber seal The o-ring guarantees a tight connection between the seat and the pipe and prevents leaks

Operations are performed without welding

This type of fitting has an outlet to the internal thread The quick release connection is of high quality and reliability

The device is widely used in water supply systems for drinking and industrial water supply


Compression ball valve

Shut-off valves of this modification are provided for blocking the flow of transported liquid (water, chemicals) in water supply lines, irrigation facilities, and others The locking element is made of high-strength polypropylene, has excellent performance and characteristics: it does not corrode, there is no possibility of overgrowth The crane retains its working qualities even after the water inside it freezes

The minimum service life is 20 years With proper Assembly and disassembly, the product can work properly when reused multiple times Withstands maximum operating pressure up to 1.6 MPa The temperature of the transported liquid can reach a maximum limit of 45 °C


Water pipes PE

Products are manufactured according to GOST 18599-2001 They have found application in the construction of water supply systems for drinking or technical purposes, in the installation of irrigation devices, in the construction of swimming pools and fountains The process of raising water from artesian wells is also not complete without PE pipes

Products are produced in the form of straight segments of a certain length and in bays containing 100 or 200 meters of pipe A mandatory requirement for products is absolutely smooth surfaces both outside and inside The exception is a slight undulation and barely noticeable stripes running along At the same time, the wall thickness must remain within the regulatory framework The presence of bubbles, cracks, foreign inclusions and substances, shells is strictly excluded

Pipes used in water supply systems are available in black, blue in all shades without restriction, or black with longitudinal blue stripes The blue marking bars (there should be a minimum of three bars) should be placed in a circle at the same distance from each other

Main characteristics of PE pipes used in water supply systems:

  1. Brand of material Two types are used: PE80 (good performance, withstands significant operating pressure, and is optimal for designing water supply networks with a diameter of up to 90 mm) and PE100 (used in the manufacture of large-diameter pipes that are used in the installation of cold water supply communications)


  1. The coefficient of resistance to pressure The indicator is equal to the ratio of the pipe diameter to the wall thickness The lower the index, the higher the strength of the pipes and Vice versa


  1. Diameter Pipes are produced with a cross section of up to 110 mm



Precautions when laying the pipes


Areas of soil under the pipeline system should not contain large elements, such as rocks or other solid objects that can damage the pipes Before laying the pipeline, it is necessary to place a substrate of sand or fine gravel, which is carefully compacted The thickness of the substrate must be 10 cm or more

HDPE pipe is placed in a prepared ditch so that the joints are submerged in sand or gravel When transporting pipes, the vehicle body must be free of sharp, piercing and cutting objects that can damage plastic products